Betwixt and Between

I bet at least half of you thought I’d already abandoned ship after going a couple of days without posting.  Nah, at the most it’s been a mild & temporary case of writer’s block.  But even that isn’t really an accurate description.

If you follow my Facebook status updates then you already know that my word for the week has been “weird”.  As in, all sort of things happening in my world that are unexpected/out of the ordinary/downright, well, weird.  Problem is, for various reasons those things aren’t topics for public discussion (at least not yet).  Some of them have definite potential but if I can’t go there yet then I can’t go there yet.

And while those several things have shared custody of my waking hours along with a steady stream of work, it isn’t as though I’m completely in a vacuum either, you’d think I could have come up with something to write about.  Problem is, most of the things that seem ripe for comment aren’t anything I’m ready to tackle either.

I’d love to put three coins worth into talking (lecturing?) about the impending shake-up of the conferences in college sports but it seems worse than pointless to do that before anyone actually does anything.  Given the state of insanity that the mere prospect of changes have caused the national sports media to go into, I didn’t want to risk being the next “source” cited by anybody, although I strongly suspect that I have at least as much idea what’s going to happen as about half these “sources”.  I’ll almost certainly talk about this but not at any length until something actually happens.

It wouldn’t have been too hard to talk about this week’s party primaries in several states, but once again, matters political are at an extremely preliminary stage in most cases and beyond warning against reading too much into the results of any primary, pro or con, it seems like trying to grade a paper that isn’t even half finished.  Besides, if I’m going to get into politics here (and that’s inevitable) then I’m most likely going to do it when I’m either very happy or very angry or feeling especially insightful.  At the moment I’m none of the above, at least not any more than usual.

The sparkling debut of pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg for the Washington Nationals certainly deserved some attention but I didn’t get to watch the game, just read the accounts of it afterward, which made it seem sort of cheap to turn around and write about as a standalone.  And while there’s probably enough going on in sports that I could have stitched a full length piece together from, I would have been stretching.  The NBA Finals with the Celtics & the Lakers is like trying to decide whether to pull for or against the Yankees if they were playing themselves in the World Series.   I enjoy the NHL more than the NBA but doubt I could name ten current players on the Blackhawks & Flyers combined.  College softball was a let down since Tennessee couldn’t close the deal & I don’t entirely trust myself to comment reasonably on the annual post-season collapse of the Georgia Tech baseball team.

I could have pulled out one of my “evergreens”, the things that really played a role in motivating me to start this blog in the first place.  Problem is, I’ve had those in my head for so long I’d really like to be able to do them some sort of justice when I finally get to write about them.  This just isn’t the week for that, too many other things going on that would have interrupted any sort of coherent flow, and I’d hate to cover them poorly and end up disappointing myself.

Instead, I settle for (and you get stuck with) three cents worth on the things I haven’t commented on and why I haven’t mentioned them.  Sorry ’bout that Chief.


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