Friday 5 o’clock Whistle 8/20/10

Kind of late for the eastern time zone but sometimes real life intrudes on the best laid plans. Regardless, you know what time it is … it’s FRIIIIIIIIDAY ! For a number of us the last Friday before things get busy with HS football (and isn’t this just perfect football weather?) After the Whistle today, we mark what would have have been the 44th birthday of one of the great guitarists in history, “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott. We’ll start slower than normal with tributes from Zakk Wylde and a great video from Dean Guitars set to music from Darrell’s own band Damageplan but after that, it’s time to crank it up & have some fun. I believe Dimebag would have definitely approved. Rest In Peace Darrell.

In This River – Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society

Soul Bleed – Damageplan –

Walk – Pantera

Cowboy Way – Hellyeah

Rebel Meets Rebel – Rebel Meets Rebel (Pantera w/ David Allen Coe)

Side of a Bullet(Live) – Nickelback


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