JC3 College Football Top 25 (after wk 2)

What an utterly miserable weekend of college football, truckloads of yuck. Before the updated rankings, my observations from the weekend, at least the few I can give that wouldn’t get the blog an R rating.

Alabama looks like going back to back is a very real possibility, which is what I’ve thought all along … I was right to be concerned about GT after week one, except it’s a lot worse than I thought. Is there anyone left on the schedule that the Jackets should be favored over? … UGA fans seem to think the sky has fallen, I think they simply got beat by a better team. Reluctant as I am to give them any encouragement, I don’t think Saturday should be considered the foreshadowing of doom … On the other hand, outside of the 1st quarter, I’m afraid that what we saw from the Vols is going to be a familiar sight this year. The lack of depth & experience could very well doom them to hanging close to teams for most of a half before fading, often fading badly … James Madison actually handled Va Tech better than Boise did. Just sayin’ …

My Top 25 for this week (previous ranking in parentheses)
1(1). Alabama
2(2). Texas
3(4). Ohio State
4(3). Florida
5(5). TCU
6(6). Boise State
7(7). Nebraska
8(8). Oklahoma
9(10). Oregon
10(11). Arkansas
11(14). Iowa
12(13). LSU
13(17). Wisconsin
14(9). Penn State
15(NR). South Carolina
16(19). Texas Tech
17(23). Utah
18(24). Auburn
19(20). USC
20(NR). Michigan
21(15). Miami (FL)
22(NR). Stanford
23(NR). Arizona
24(NR). Air Force
25(25). Oregon State

Dropped Out: Virginia Tech (12), Georgia Tech (16), BYU (18), Georgia (21), Florida State(22)


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