Election Day 2010

Time to hit the polls, even if it does mean a surge in unemployment for robo-callers. And what would an election be without the official Jon’s Three Cents endorsements for November 2, 2010.

Not many surprises in the list, at least not for anyone who knows me.  With that in mind, I’ll try to keep things brief.

If ever a race cried out for a viable third party option, this would be the one.  I was unhappy with the primary choices in July, I’m unhappy now, but the only third party candidate to emerge was John Monds (L) and since I’m an advocate of significantly stricter laws & penalties for drug-related crime, he’s not even the most remote of options.  There’s plenty of red flags here, plenty of reason to worry that he’ll prove as disappointing as Perdue, but given the opposition, Nathan Deal could walk into my house, rob me at gunpoint, and pistol whip me on the way out and still get my vote over the other choices.
VOTING FOR: Nathan Deal

Lt. Governor
I’m no fan of Casey Cagle, in many ways this race is one of the toughest for me to call.  I couldn’t even bring myself to vote for him in the primary when he ran unopposed for crying out loud.  He’s a great example of many of the things wrong with our political system in Georgia, so I’ve looked for ways to back his opponent.  She’s fairly successful at sounding reasonable, but some of her campaign code words & phrases make me wary.  As I struggle to overcome those concerns, I find renewed focus from  Chuck Shiflett at The Backroom Report who clears up my dilemma Every action, regardless of how small, has an impact in the overall scheme of things. We must work to cut off the Democrat’s money sources. We must defeat their rising star candidates before they can become established. We must demoralize their supporters. We must turn the word “Democrat” into such a vile thing that any person with half a brain would think long and hard before running for office under that banner. This is why Carol Porter must be defeated.
VOTING FOR: Casey Cagle (unless the stench overwhelms me & I abstain)

Secretary of State
We blew our chance to pick the best candidate back in July, now we’re stuck with an increasingly questionable choice.
VOTING FOR: Brian Kemp (unless he screws up something else between now & my trip to the polls)

Attorney General
Again, mistakes in July cost the state in November.   Sam Olens is no prize & has red flags of RINO’ism but as long as he fulfills his commitment to challenge Obamacare , then I’ll live with his other shortcomings.   I appreciate Ken Hodges straightforward answer to that question but it cost him my vote.

State School Superintendent
Yuck.  Maybe it really is time to do away with electing this position statewide, these candidates provide less reason for hope than the Governor’s race.
VOTING FOR: John Barge

Commisioner of Agriculture
An above-average candidate for his office in a mediocre year for candidates.
VOTING FOR: Gary Black

Commissioner of Labor
Could we just write-in Melvin Everson & hope for the best?  This is supposed to be about endorsements, but darned if I’ve completely made up my own mind.  Re-examining the candidacy of Will Costa(L), trying to find further info on his stand on the employment of illegal aliens.  UPDATED at 230pm:  Rcvd no reply from the Costa campaign, cannot vote for him in good conscience without knowing his position on that subject.
VOTING FOR: Mark Bryant

Commissioner of Insurance
Another sigh-enducing race.  Hudgens wasn’t even in my top 4 or 5 choices in the 9-candidate GOP primary, but here I am stuck with him as the default option.  Completely unimpressed by the (L) here, otherwise my vote could have gone differently.
VOTING FOR: Ralph Hudgens

Public Service Commission, District 2
The deeper I go on the ballot, the less enthusiastic I am.  Luckily, my disagreement with one candidate is limited to an issue that has nothing to do with the office he’s seeking.  I still wish John Douglas had won in July though.   Still, Echols seems preferable to incredibly poor opponents.
VOTING FOR: Tim Echols

State Supreme Court
VOTING FOR: David Nahimas

State Court of Appeals (Johnson)
VOTING FOR: David Schaeffer

Amendment #1 (Contract Enforcement)
One of the more difficult decisions on the ballot for me this year.  I’ve dealt with both sides of the issue, but ultimately I believe the proposal is at least a minor inducement for companies considering Georgia as a location. 

Amendment #2 (Trauma Care Funding)
A tax by any other name is still a tax.
VOTING: NO (because “Hell No” isn’t a ballot option)

Amendments #3 & #4 (Multi-year contracts) and #5 (Industrial designations)
3 & 4 are simple business sense, 5 is nothing more than cleaning up outdated procedures that impact two coastal communities

Referendum #1 (Remove inventory tax)
Georgia is one of the few states who tax businesses simply for having inventory in their warehouse.  The impact to the state here is almost non-existent (less than $2m out of a $17B state budget), while the benefit of sending the right signal to warehouse & distribution centers could make a difference in the job market.  One of the easiest votes on the ballot this year.

I have very few contested races local in Athens-Clarke County or at the state legislative level, meaning I’m largely stuck with what’s there like it (Paul Broun) or not (Doug McKillip).  That said, we do have a couple of interesting items.

Athens-Clarke County Mayor
For conservatives, you’d be hard pressed to come up with a worse lot if you went to California & New York and imported the worst you could find.  How else to explain the most “conservative” candidate in the race getting an endorsement from none other than John Lewis (D-Atlanta)?  Yes friends, the ACC government seems to be composed largely of people who would consider Nancy Pelosi a moderate.   Understand why I refer to myself as living Behind Enemy Lines?

VOTING FOR: Nancy Denson (what other choice do I have?)

Athens-Clarke SPLOST
Take a few dozen bad ideas & throw $200 million dollars of taxpayer money at them, what else would our motley collection of local wastrels do?  The final hodgepodge of projects is so bad in combination as to be comical & cries out for either line-item voting or at least narrowly crafted SPLOST proposals.  Well, it’d be funny if I didn’t worry it would pass but in this place there’s rarely a tax that they can’t find a way to get the suckers to approve.
VOTING: NO (because “Over My Dead Body” isn’t a binding option either)

There you have it friends, now print it out & head to the polls.

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