J3C College Football Top 25 (after week 10)

A fairly lackluster slate of games this weekend but we end up with surprises in spite of it all.  Alabama falls to LSU, Michigan & Illnois combine for 132 points (more than they’ve managed in their last three b’ball meetings), and Tennessee wins a game, albeit over a team so bad that they might need to be downgraded from “Tiger High” to “Tiger Middle” …  TCU routs Utah & looks like a legit contender in a field of flawed candidates … I’m more concerned by the points allowed by Auburn than I am impressed by the points they scored … I’m still kind of shellshocked by the injury to Josh Nesbitt on Thursday, turning a disappointing GT season even gloomier.  Can’t thank that young man enough for the example he set with his consistent display of heart & effort throughout his career, nobody wearing that uniform ever laid it all on the line more than him …  Congratulations to Georgia State, their win over Lamar assures them of at least a .500 record in their inaugural campaign … Also deserving a mention here is Georgia Southern, who knocked off unbeaten #1 Appalachian State for homecoming in Statesboro, part of a wild day in I-AA that also saw #2 Jacksonville State & #3 Villanova also lose …

My Top 25 for this week (previous ranking in parentheses)
1(1). Oregon
2(2). TCU
3(3). Auburn
4(4). Boise State
5(7). Stanford
6(8). Wisconsin
7(11). Ohio State
8(12). LSU
9(10). Nebraska
10(5). Alabama
11(14). Arkansas
12(16). Michigan State
13(6). Utah
14(15). Iowa
15(17). Virginia Tech
16(9). Oklahoma
17(20). Oklahoma State
18(22). Mississippi State
19(13). Arizona
20(19). South Carolina
21(20). Missouri
22(NR). Nevada
23(24). USC
24(NR). Texas A&M
25(NR). Navy

Dropped Out:  Baylor (21), NC State (23), Florida State (25)


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