J3C College Football Top 25 (after week 12)

Georgia Tech becomes bowl eligible … Tennessee moves within a win over Kentucky of being bowl eligible … We now know for sure that they’re are indeed too many bowl games … Michigan State rallies to win, Wisconsin struggles early with Michigan, Mississippi State forces Arkansas to OT, and LSU finds another rabbit’s foot. On any given Saturday I guess, but it still leave me with a feeling that the Top 25 just ain’t what it used to be … And it’s going to be a looooong week, I wouldn’t be surprised if Georgia hung a hundred on the Jackets. Ah well, there’s always basketball season. Oh, wait, that looks even worse than football season. My sports fandom feels a bit like Charlie Brown with Lucy & that @#$% football at this point.

My Top 25 for this week (previous ranking in parentheses)
1(1). Oregon
2(2). TCU
3(3). Auburn
4(4). Boise State
5(5). Stanford
6(6). Wisconsin
7(7). Ohio State
8(8). LSU
9(10). Alabama
10(11). Arkansas
11(12). Michigan State
12(13). Virginia Tech
13(14). Oklahoma
14(16). Oklahoma State
15(15). South Carolina
16(9). Nebraska
17(19). Texas A&M
18(17). Missouri
19(21). Nevada
20(22). Utah
21(23). Arizona
22(25). Florida State
23(NR). NC State
24(20). Iowa
25(24). Mississippi State

Dropped Out: USC(18)


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