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End of the year closeout

See, you just thought I’d completely forgotten about blogging, or simply given up. Not so dear reader, not so.

Granted, it’s been quiet from this corner lately but I’ve been kind of short on mental spare change & in a rather foul state of mind to boot. So rather than subject you to either a long litany of gripes, moans, whines and other assorted negativity or leave you with something akin to (not-so) funny money, I opted for doing no harm as best I could.

That’s not to say that I won’t be bitching & moaning, or even shaking my fist & howling at the moon in this space soon enough, but that time hasn’t quite come yet.

To anyone who happens to read this though, I hope that the arrival of 2011 brings with it a better year ahead than the one behind.


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J3C College Football Top 25 (end regular season)

Auburn puts an exclamation point on their season to date … Oregon takes care of business … Oklahoma reduces the comedy value of a departing Nebraska … Former GT ass’t Randy Edsall gets UConn to a BCS game … FSU & VaTech goes about like you’d expect with the ‘Noles forced to play a backup QB … Northern Illinois chokes on their top 25 rating … UCLA gets outcoached by USC, how bad is that Bruins staff? … Jaybo Shaw leads Ga Southern to a big upset of William & Mary in the I-AA playoffs … And it all brings us to the final Top 25 until after the bowls are complete.
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