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Chill out, Stay frosty, or something

Years of panic buying milk & bread appears to have given way to a new Southern tradition: losing our minds if we can’t go zipping to 20 places in a single day. For most people, it seems to me a more realistic reaction ought to be “so what?”.

To avoid misunderstandings though, let me put a few qualifiers on that, just so we’re clear ahead of time. If it creates a real financial hardship for you, I get the angst & you’re exempt. If you’re a public safety worker & it creates both extra havoc & personal risk, you’re exempt from the above, you’ve got a different situation than the average person. If you work for a utility or a highway department, God bless you, you’re obviously not the subject of my criticism.

Now then, as for most of the rest of us, how about a couple of handfuls of reality? Continue reading


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J3C College Football Top 25 (Year End)

The two best teams in the country met for the national championship and played a heck of a game, the most watched program in cable TV history in fact. Congratulations to Auburn, who definitely earned the title with a defensive performance I would never have believed them capable of. Now for those who can’t avoid whining about the BCS, please do those of us who actually appreciate college football a favor & kindly shut the hell up. I’d prefer the old system of conference-tied bowls personally but for delivering a game with the two best teams in college football in a given year, which is what it’s designed to do, the BCS succeeds in its mission.

Elsewhere in bowl season, the Gator Bowl ends Rich Rod’s tenure at Michigan, the Liberty Bowl flop brings the end of the Mark Richt era in sight, and the Independence Bowl could have marked at least the beginning of the end of the Paul Johnson era except there’s no chance in hell of GT being able to buy him out.

My Final Top 25 for this 2010 season (previous ranking in parentheses)
1(2). Auburn
2(3). TCU
3(1). Oregon
4(4). Stanford
5(6). Ohio State Continue reading

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