I’ve been thinking (7/15/11, part 2)

In 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … {one finger} … {point} … {randomization sequence initiated}

Welcome back Martin Prado, nice to see a HR in your return. Now if Uggla could get some batting tips from Huddy the offense might really get going … I think this may have been the first year since I was an toddler that I didn’t watch a single second of the MLB All-Star game. I can’t swear I didn’t watch some even while in diapers. That strikes me odd since my interest overall is probably up a tiny tick over the past couple of years, just wasn’t interested enough to do anything more than check the box score online to see how McCann & the other Braves fared … Somebody wake me when the Dan Radokovich era ends at Georgia Tech, I become more convinced by the day that ultimately nothing good is going to happen during his tenure & my patience is just about at an end. Keep in mind, I’ve been a steadfast supporter through such luminaries as Dwayne Morrison and even Bill Lewis, it’s not easy to exhaust my patience but DR pretty much done it … Only about five weeks until HS football season kicks off, pity it’ll still feel like summer for at least the first month of the schedule.

Yes, I’d still vote for Michelle Bachmann if I had to cast a primary ballot today. Far from perfect but the closest thing to representing my points of view that I’ve seen so far. Still, this race has barely seen the starting gates open, plenty of twists and turns to go before the finish line … Note to sitting politicians: there is NO scenario where I’m going to find even a penny tax increase acceptable, not unless it’s a unhappy by-product of a completely overhauled tax system that stops trying to punish success and starts sharing the tax burden more appropriately. R’s that collaborate with the enemy on this subject are basically dead to me going forward, don’t say you weren’t warned when you find yourself short my vote down the road …

Nice little trick there Netflix, finally convince me to sign up & then jack your rates 25% about a week after my free trial ends. Not sure what I’m going to do about that, but you certainly just blew any good will you had coming your way. You’re on a short leash from here on out … Didn’t rush out for the new Harry Potter, just never got into the books nor the movies & neither did my son. I’m not inclined to throw any stones at those who enjoyed it though, just never hooked us for whatever reason, I’m happy for you if you were able to enjoy it though … Finally found a concert worth my time & money in Atlanta this summer, Center Stage on 7/21, Black Stone Cherry + Pop Evil + Lansdowne + Kyng. Last time I was at CS, it was to see Dangerous Toys sometime in the late 80’s. It’s probably one of the few concert venues that I hit in my heyday that are still around, although it’s apparently been remodeled considerably since then. Come to think of it, so have I.

Years of being super-careful helped me keep computer virus problems down to single digits over almost two decades. Now I’ve been bitten twice in the past two weeks. I can’t say enough good things about  BleepingComputer, their removal walkthroughs saved my butt on both occasions … Speaking of sites I recommend, if you enjoy my occasional ramblings, you’re almost certain to like Be Still A Minute. The writer is a cousin who I figure barely remembers me but I’ve certainly enjoyed finding her online after many years. Yeah, I’ve hyped it once or twice before but I really think it’s that much fun to read, I like people who can relate “normal” stuff in an entertaining way … I keep hearing how Google+ is supposed to challenge Facebook but honestly I’m just not seeing it. It seems to have nice early traction with early adopters & technophiles but for the regular everyday users that have become the core of Facebook I really can’t see this being a legit competitor. Then again I’m still trying to really figure out how FB, despite numerous obvious flaws, managed to penetrate the mainstream consciousness the way it has, so don’t put much stock in my ability to predict the future … I’m not sure anybody online gives me more chuckles in a week than Facebook page/Twitter feed of actor/politician Fred Thompson. Mostly one-liners but they’re funny one-liners, at least if you’re of a conservative bent.

As I come to this end of this entry, I realize that some of these thoughts are probably repeats of things that some of you have seen from me one place or another already. I’ll try to work on that, keep this more original in the future.


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