I’ve been thinking … (7/15/11)

So, it’s been about six weeks since my last blog entry. That’s really too long between posts even for me & the casual standards I set for myself back when this started. It’s not as though I lack for material, there’s a tragically high number of subjects I could easily do 500-1000 words on without breaking a sweat, so what’s the problem? Better question is: what to do about it?

The gap has probably a combination of self-restraint (not every thought I have really needs to be published or even shared), fatigue (not that I’m complaining about being busy with work again) and maybe something akin to self-consciousness (I’m not trying to be famous or impress anybody but at the same time I don’t like the notion of producing bad crap either). Alas, none of those reasons/excuses is really satisfying me at the moment … but maybe there’s a way around this.

I’ve always enjoyed “stream of consciousness” columns from a variety of people. Think along the lines of the old A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes (“Did you ever notice …”) although hopefully before he revealed himself as such an unbearable liberal shill. I’ve written a fair number of those kinds of things over the years — stream of consciousness, not liberal shilling — usually as a way to clear out a bunch of random topics that didn’t warrant a longer piece. If you’re on the younger end of my reader spectrum the Andy Rooney reference probably sent you to Wikipedia or Google, feel free to substitute Jerry Seinfeld’s random “What’s up with that?” bits. Maybe if I try to do something along those lines more frequently I’ll find myself happier with the amount I post here while managing to avoid making myself unhappier with the content or quality. The format seems like giving myself permission to have thoughts that are fully developed, don’t have a clear connection to each other or snappy segues from one item to the next.

So, in the future, if you see something titled “I’ve been thinking …” you should know what to expect. I’m trying here people, hang in there with me.

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