J3C College Football Top 25 (after week 4)

A fast & furious week and things are starting to come into focus a little more clearly, but so are the questions that remain.

Georgia Tech’s defense did just enough to hold off North Carolina.  Question is whether the offense can continue their blistering pace & overcome the defensive lapses that are so familiar on a weekly basis? … UGA’s offense did enough to get by an Ole Miss team that looks really really bad.  Question is what the heck is wrong with Blair Walsh?  (Questions about what is wrong with the Dawgs offense seem to have a pretty obvious answer, and it’s wearing a headset) … We know that Alabama & LSU look pretty darned good.  Question is what the heck are they going to do to when they have to play each other? …  We know that Texas A&M is officially headed to the SEC.  Question is does anyone outside the TV networks & the Aggie Nation give a damn? … We know that it looks like Stephen Garcia has the South Carolina QB job locked up.  Otherwise The Ol’ Ball Coach would have pulled him sooner during a miserable start against Vanderbilt.  Question is, how did Connor Shaw go from starting to being that far in the doghouse?  Is it as simple as one crappy outing against East Carolina? … We know that USC isn’t accustomed to losing to Arizona State. The question is how long until games like that get Kiffy run out of California for the second time in a decade? … We know that it’s about time for a new Top 25, question is how many of these teams can stand the pressure of such an honor?

1. (1) Alabama
2. (2) Oklahoma
3. (5) LSU
4. (3) Stanford
5. (4) Wisconsin
6. (6) Boise State
7. (8) Oklahoma State
8. (9) Nebraksa
9. (10) Oregon
10. (13) Virginia Tech
11. (12) South Carolina
12. (16) Baylor
13. (7) Texas A&M
14.  (18) Florida
15. (21) Clemson
16. (17) South Florida
17. (19) Texas
18. (14) Arkansas
19. (15) West Virginia
20. (22) Michigan
21. (11) Florida State
22. (23) Michigan State
23. (Un) TCU
24. (24) Illinois
25. (25) Iowa State

Dropped Out: USC (20)

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