J3C College Football Top 25 (after week 5)

Do I detect a little chill in the air?  By golly, it’s finally starting to feel like football, although that may have a different feel in some places.

There may be nowhere noticing more difference than Clemson, who avoided their annual disappointment with an impressive showing in Blacksburg.  Could the Tigers actually be {gulp} for real this year? … 33% passing felt very familiar to Georgia Tech on Saturday, but they won the game fairly easily anyway, in spite of not having a single hundred-yard rusher … Another Alabama-Florida matchup, their 14th in the last 20 years, but it was in The Swamp for only the third time in that span.   The Tide win wasn’t that unusual but the worst home loss since 2002 certainly had to chill the Gator faithful a bit … UGA wins again, okay I’ll admit that’s not entirely unusual.  But it could feel a little strange next week if they manage to come back from Knoxvegas with a victory, the Dawgs haven’t won consecutive conference road games since the end of 2008/start of 2009 … Nebraska just playing Wisconsin probably felt strange enough for Husker fans (first time they’ve met since 1974) but a 31 point loss in a non-conference game hadn’t happened since Frank Sorich took a mediocre team to Happy Valley in 2002 …  All these changes in the air & yet somehow my list of the best in college football still seems very familiar

1. (1) Alabama
2. (2) Oklahoma
3. (3) LSU
4. (4) Stanford
5. (5) Wisconsin
6. (6) Boise State
7. (7) Oklahoma State
8. (9) Oregon
9. (15) Clemson
10. (17) Texas
11.  (18) Arkansas
12. (20) Michigan
13. (8) Nebraska
14. (19) West Virginia
15. (10) Virginia Tech
16. (Un) Auburn
17. (11) South Carolina
18. (14) Florida
19. (Un) Georgia Tech
20. (21) Florida State
21. (22) Michigan State
22. (Un) Kansas State
23. (24) Illinois
24. (12) Baylor
25. (13) Texas A&M

Dropped Out: South Florida (16), TCU (23), Iowa State (25)


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