J3C College Football Top 25 (after week 7)

Another week in the books helps separate the contenders from some pretenders.  Probably nowhere was that more evident than in Charlottesville, where Georgia Tech was abruptly sent crashing back to Earth with a lackluster performance.  The QB regressed,  the defense was physically dominated and the special teams remain anything but.  In other words, it was another Saturday under CPJ … They’re probably feeling about the same way in Ann Arbor today after Michigan lost for the fourth straight year to rival Michigan State.  New coach Brady Hoke, your reality check is ready … UGA manages to hold off might Vandy, although under the lights in Nashville things can get a little strange no matter what sort of team you take in there … In Knoxville, Operation Oh-For-October continued without a hitch, although the Vols defense appeared to be game enough for almost a half.  Not even a visit by Peyton Manning could do much for a team playing without it’s two best players, and certainly not against a team rolling like LSU is right now … In Clemson they have to be breathing a sigh of relief after rallying to beat Maryland in a shoot out, although I figure they’re also wondering how the heck they got in such a whole in the first place … Auburn beats Florida in game where 7 different players took snaps at QB … and in Columbia, Steve Spurrier might be too depressed to throw a single visor after losing star RB Marcus Lattimore for year to a knee injury.  Tough break for one of the best players in the country, hate to see that.  Gamecock fans may hate to see the lack of options other than relying on inconsistent QB Connor Shaw even more … Meanwhile fans of consistency are probably going to enjoy another week of sameness in the upper elevations of my weekly Top 25, unchanged in the top 10, although I’ll admit to being pretty tempted to flip flop a couple of spots.

1. (1) Alabama
2. (2) Oklahoma
3. (3) LSU
4. (4) Stanford
5. (5) Wisconsin
6. (6) Boise State
7. (7) Oklahoma State
8. (8) Oregon
9. (9) Clemson
10. (10) Arkansas
11. (12) West Virginia
12. (13) Nebraska
13. (15) Virginia Tech
14. (14) South Carolina
15. (17) Michigan State
16. (18) Kansas State
17. (11) Michigan
18. (25) Auburn
19. (Un) Houston
20. (24) Texas A&M
21. (Un) Washington
22. (23) Penn State
23. (21) Arizona State
24. (16) Georgia Tech
25. (Un) SMU

Dropped Out: Illinois (19), Baylor (20), Texas (22)

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