J3C College Football Top 25 (after week 8)

What’s this I see?  A Top 25 team that lost?  TWO of them? Oh my goodness, maybe there’s a team with a pulse outside of the top few after all?  Or, more likely, there just aren’t as many as I thought.  One thing for sure, there isn’t one fitting that description in Atlanta, where the Bumblin’ Bees return home with another reality check to deposit.  Let me see if I can make it clear enough for DRad & Co: either show me a special teams coach next season or show me a new head coach, I really don’t care which at this point.  CPJ’s curmudgeon routine is a lot more palatable when he’s playing I-AA teams (or equivalents) than when he has to take the marginal talent he’s acquired & play something that resembles an actual BCS-conference opponent … It isn’t really that much better in Knoxville, where Derek Doofus inexplicably decides to burn the redshirt on the supposed QB of the future in a game that was long since lost.  The Justin Worley era begins, almost fittingly enough, with a fumble on his first official play as a Vol.  Maybe CDD has already reached the conclusion that I’m coming to: there really isn’t much future on Rocky Top, at least not with him at the helm.  There’s only so long the whole “we’re fragile” routine is going to fly, and I believe it’s already beginning to circle (the drain) for a landing … Too young, not enough experience, playing in an incredibly hostile environment, etc.  No, those aren’t the weekly list of excuses for another loss by the Vols, they’re the conditions that Texas Tech faced and overcome against Oklahoma.   I’m not exactly feeling celebratory about it, I’ve got little use for the Red Raiders after the screwjob they gave to Mike Leach but it’s hard not to notice how some teams overcome the odds while other use the odds against them as an excuse for mediocrity … I thought margin of victory was taken out of the BCS formula?  Apparently Stanford didn’t get the memo, because the beatdown they put on Washington was pretty epic stuff.  I’m not saying they ran up the score, I’m just saying that a 44 point win over a nationally ranked team has to get into the subconscious of some voters somewhere … Are the Kansas Jayhawks one of the best arguments for a relegation system for college football? With yesterday’s 59-21 pummeling at the hands of arch-rival Kansas State, they’ve now given up 42 or more points in six straight games.  Maybe the next B12 realignment meeting should consider trading them for a nearby DII school or something, at least in football …  On the bright side, at least I get a chance to rearrange the deck chairs on the S.S. Mediocrity this week, as the list of pretenders adds a couple of names and the list of contenders gets a little bit shorter.

1. (1) Alabama
2. (3) LSU
3. (4) Stanford
4. (7) Oklahoma State
5. (6) Boise State
6. (8) Oregon
7. (9) Clemson
8. (10) Arkansas
9. (13) Virginia Tech
10. (15) Michigan State
11. (2) Oklahoma
12. (12) Nebraska
13. (5) Wisconsin
14. (14) South Carolina
15. (16) Kansas State
16. (19) Houston
17. (17) Michigan
18. (20) Texas A&M
19. (22) Penn State
20. (Un) Texas Tech
21. (23) Arizona State
22. (Un) USC
23. (Un) TCU
24. (Un) Syracuse
25. (11) West Virginia

Dropped Out: Auburn (18), Washington (21), Georgia Tech (24), SMU (25)


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