J3C College Football Top 25 (after week 9)

The weekly war of attrition that makes college football’s regular season the best in all of sports continued on Saturday, as one by one the pretenders are separated from the contenders.  Or, sometimes, more than one.

No outcome anywhere surprised me more than what GT did to Clemson.  I’ve admitted elsewhere that I wouldn’t have taken GT +25 points, much less believed the eventual outcome.  I’m not sure there’s anything that would sum this game up better than the simple phrase “Clemson turned into Clemson” … Speaking of being who you are,  was there any more predictable surprise than the missed FG by Vandy that cost them at least an overtime chance against Arkansas.  It would have to suck to be a Vandy fan, probably for the best that relatively few people suffer from that tragic fate … The latest installment of the WLOCP went off almost as expected in Jacksonville Saturday.  If you were actually surprised by the outcome then you probably hadn’t seen the Gators play lately.   Not even a fairly pedestrian bunch of Dawgs dragging around the collective weight of recent disappointment & a spectacularly flailing special teams unit could manage to let this one get away, not when the situation at QB for Florida is as bad as it obviously is.  I won’t begrudge anybody for celebrating the win but I’d recommend keeping it in perspective.  Right now, at least until the gutsy (if inept when injured) Brantley gets healthy, I think Vanderbilt is probably as good or better than the Gators … Speaking of teams with problems at QB, how much worse can that get in Knoxville?  CDD looks even more confused now, having burned the redshirt on alleged QB-of-the-future Justin Worley in a bad loss a week ago, only to have Worley fizzle so badly against an undermanned South Carolina that he has to once again put Simms back in the lineup.    It’s time for the Nash Nance era to begin, it’s not as though he could be that much worse than the clearly not-ready-for-primetime Worley, and it might be merciful for Coach Doofus to stop jerking Simms around so much … The Stanford-USC overtime finish was an interesting way to wrap up a busy day of college football.  It might have been a better story if USC pulled off the upset but I can’t deny that seeing the what-just-happened look of disappointment on Kiffy’s face was one of the highlights of the day for me … It’ll take a more astute observer than me to figure out how Iowa State beat Texas Tech like a rented mule just a week after TT zipped out of Norman with a win.  Games like that reinforce my longstanding policy of never betting on college football, trying to anticipate how a bunch of 18-22 year old kids are going to respond to a situation seems like a direct route to heartache to me … I guess all that’s left now to update the Top 25 one more time before we get the showdown that’s been looming on the schedule for weeks.

1. (1) Alabama
2. (2) LSU
3. (4) Oklahoma State
4. (3) Stanford
5. (5) Boise State
6. (6) Oregon
7. (11) Oklahoma
8. (8) Arkansas
9. (9) Virginia Tech
10. (12) Nebraska
11. (16) Houston
12. (7) Clemson
13. (14) South Carolina
14. (17) Michigan
15. (10) Michigan State
16. (19) Penn State
17. (13) Wisconsin
18. (21) Arizona State
19. (15) Kansas State
20. (23) TCU
21. (Un) Washington
22. (25) West Virginia
23. (22) USC
24. (Un) Georgia
25. (Un) Georgia Tech
Dropped Out: Texas A&M (18), Texas Tech (20), Syracuse (24)


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