J3C College Football Top 25 (after Week 13)

Looks like squash was the favorite holiday side dish for most college football teams this past weekend or at least the most frequent one.  I imagine some teams loved it while others now have it on their list somewhere behind cauliflower and brussel sprouts.  Of course there were some turkeys too, come to think of it.

In Atlanta, there was plenty of squash but the biggest turkey of the day turned into a pumpkin.  I’m hard pressed to believe that anyone think Paul Johnson can recruit enough talent to play big time college football at this point but since that’s ostensibly his job then another rout at the hands of an arch rival ought to mean the clock has struck midnight.  Of course the financial part of the equation, along with an annoying tendency to willingly accept mediocrity, means he isn’t going anywhere any time soon and that’s a pity … In Knoxville, there was another pumpkin come to think of it, and I don’t mean a sighting of The Great Pumpkin (aka Phil Fulmer).  No, what turned into a pumpkin in Lexington was the now laughable myth that Derek Dooley was remotely ready to be a major conference coach.  The last time Tennessee had back to back losing seasons was 1910-11.  It took Coach Doofus just two seasons to change that.   At this point his only job security is based upon, ironically perhaps, the wandering eye of Lane Kiffin.  Kansas was smart enough to rid themselves of the overmatched Turner Gill after this weekend, it’s beyond a pity that the powers that be in Knoxvegas don’t have the sense to do the same … Squash was plentiful on The Plains, as Alabama toyed with the cats from Auburn.  Trent Richardson should have locked up a Heisman trophy on Saturday, although I doubt he did … LSU served up plenty of squash with their roast hog on Friday, which doesn’t make Arkansas a bad team, just reinforces how far ahead of the pack the Bayou Bengals are this year.  They’re clearly one of the two best teams in college football regardless of what happens in the Georgia Dome this weekend … VaTech squashed the rumor that UVA was anything more than a decent team … The Ol’ Ball Coach’s poultry had plenty to crow about after routing their badly fading arch-rivals … FSU squashed the notion that you need any offense to beat Florida at this point … Louisiana Tech routed NM State on Saturday for their 7th straight win after a 1-3 start that included a one point loss to Houston and a two point loss to Southern Miss.  Why do I bring this up?  Because their win over Ole Miss a couple of weeks ago means that they won as many SEC games without Coach Doofus Dumbass as Tennessee managed to win with him … And on that depressing, yet illuminating, note it’s time to head the rankings for another week.

1. (1) LSU
2. (2) Alabama
3. (4) Virginia Tech
4. (5) Houston
5. (6) Stanford
6. (8) Oregon
7. (7) Oklahoma State
8. (3) Arkansas
9. (9) Michigan State
10. (10) Wisconsin
11. (11) TCU
12. (12) Oklahoma
13. (14) South Carolina
14. (15) USC
15. (13) Boise State
16. (16) Michigan
17. (17) Georgia
18. (18) Kansas State
19. (21) Baylor
20. (22) Nebraska
21. (23) West Virginia
22. (20) Clemson
23. (Un) Texas
24. (Un) BYU
25. (19) Penn State

Dropped Out: Tulsa (24), Virginia (25)

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