J3C College Fotball Top 25 (end of regular season)

So, here we are.  Another regular season in the books, time to go bowling.   Or at least it’s time for those who survived to go bowling, the rest can, umm, well, put on ugly shoes & do the other kind of bowling or something.

LSU did what they do, although they did it by actually playing for less than three quarters on Saturday.  Sleepwalking through the first quarter is no way to go through life, but they got away with it pretty easily.  The gap between the SEC West and the SEC Least was on full display in living color …  … Oklahoma State annihilates Oklahoma, unfortunately for the Cowboys beating the Sooners by a hundred still isn’t as impressive as losing to LSU by three.  And please, could we stop with the whole excuse about OkSt being “distracted” by the tragedy that unfolded before their loss?  They weren’t too distracted to build a 24-7 lead very quickly and I don’t believe for a second that they suddenly were consumed with grief in the early stages of the third quarter.  I’m not minimizing the awful loss suffered by the university nor the tragedy of the plane crash, not one bit, I’m simply saying that it defies both logic and evidence to suggest it played a role in their on-field football collapse that night … Nobody laid a bigger egg all year than Houston.  Who knew that Cougars reacted to headlights (or spotlights) the same way as deer.  The rest of C-USA might be a little miffed at Southern Miss, the loss of a BCS appearance for Houston cost each member an estimated $500k of bowl loot … VaTech came through in the clutch & salvaged the season for Clemson.  Probably should have seen that coming, in a weird way … I thought UCLA acquitted themselves pretty well with as good a showing as possible under the circumstances.  An 18 point loss to Oregon is closer than a lot of people played them, including Stanford … I hope those who complain about the low-scoring nature of Alabama-LSU got a chance to watch Georgia Southern & Old Dominion in the 2nd round of the I-AA playoffs yesterday.  Just short of 1,200 yards combined total offense in a 55-48 win for the Eagles (and former GT QB Jaybo Shaw).

And now, without further delay, time for my final regular season Top 25 of the year.  See you after Albuquerque … and Shreveport … and Atlanta … and Pasadena … and New Orleans 😉

1. (1) LSU
2. (2) Alabama
3. (5) Oregon
4. (6) Oklahoma State
5. (5) Stanford
6. (8) Arkansas
7. (10) Wisconsin
8. (11) TCU
9.  (13) South Carolina
10. (14) USC
11. (15) Boise State
12.  (9) Michigan State
13. (16) Michigan
14. (18) Kansas State
15. (19) Baylor
16. (22) Clemson
17. (3) Virginia Tech
18. (12) Oklahoma
19. (20) Nebraska
20. (Un) Southern Miss
21. (21) West Virginia
22. (17) Georgia
23. (4) Houston
24. (Un) BYU
25. (Un) Penn State

Dropped Out: Texas (23)


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