Best Albums of 2011

Another musical year in the books, maybe not quite as good as 2010, but still plenty of things that I’ve enjoyed thoroughly in the past 12 months.  Enough, in fact, that my plans for a quick Top 10 Albums list were altered pretty quickly.  Ten felt too limiting, eleven seemed a little gimmicky (and didn’t help matters much), so I found myself a lot more comfortable shooting for a Top 20  instead.

The criteria was pretty simple really, released between Jan 1 and Dec 31 2011 and be a project that I got considerable enjoyment out of during the year.  It’s a lot like my college football Top 25, there’s no one absolute factor that puts one entry ahead of another, I’m not putting artistic merit ahead of fun or chart/sales success in front of my own enjoyment.  In a couple of cases, there’s  even some intangibles the influence my picks, cases where the future potential shown by the project added to my overall feeling about it.  The thing I hate about doing year-end lists is the fear that I’m going to leave something out, so I’ll apologize in advance for any errors of omission.

That all said, without further ado, here’s Jon’s Three Cents Top 20 Albums of 2011


20) Ritchie Kotzen – 24 Hours

19) Staind – Staind

18)Crossfade – We All Bleed

17)Lansdowne – Blue Collar Revolver

16) Hell in the Club – Let the Games Begin

15)Mastodon – The Hunter

14) Nickelback – Here & Now

13) Sixx A.M. – This Is Gonna Hurt

12) Theory of a Deadman – The Truth Is

11) Adrenaline Mob – Adrenaline Mob

10) Art of Dying – Vices and Virtues

9) Emphatic – Damage

8) Adelita’s Way – Home School Valedictorian

7) Kyng – Trampled Sun

6) Bobaflex – Hell In My Heart

5) Egypt Central – White Rabbit

4) Pop Evil – War of Angels

3) Five Finger Death Punch – American Capitalist

2) Redlight King – Something For the Pain

1) Seether – Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray


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