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The 14th? Of FEBRUARY? Uh-oh

I come before you today as a rather rare, but lucky, specimen: a man who once forgot Valentine’s Day and lived to tell the tale.  Or at least that’s how the legend goes.  Like a lot of legends, that’s not exactly how it happened.

It’s actually a fairly simple tale, one that goes back about a couple of decades.  Once upon a time, there was this guy … ah t’heck with that, here’s how it happened:

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Clint, Chrysler, and “the second half”

Since half my Facebook seems to be all agog over Clint’s Chrysler ad – to my utter dismay frankly – I’ll give those folks something to ponder:  when Michael Moore is praising it, maybe you ought to look just a little deeper

And Clint, the consensus is u done a good thing standing up 4 Detroit–& your sermon seemed 2 b a call 2 give O his “second half.”

I’m absolutely stunned at the reaction that the spot has gotten from so many generally conservative folks I know personally.  Defend Eastwood’s conservatism all you want, his willingness to participate in such incredibly blatantly political shilling to the contrary certainly destroys any credibility he may have had with me.

I’m even more astonished how many people that I consider to be generally astute seemed to have been sucked in by the trappings of an iconic actor and an admittedly well-executed storyboard.  Maybe we’re just so desperate for anything that seems like good news we’ll latch on to whatever floats by.  Truth is, I’m at a loss to explain it.

Now the forgetful may wonder why on Earth would Chrysler do such a thing, spending big bucks in such a high profile vehicle to virtually beg for Obama’s re-election ?  I can think of roughly 1.2 billion reasons.

In the end, we really do get the sort of government we deserve.  There’s really no one to blame but ourselves.

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