J3C College Football Top 25 (2012 Pre-Season)

Do you feel it?

There’s something in the air, maybe just the tiniest hint of cooler air at night.  Kids of all ages are mostly back at school, the freshmen are fixing up their dorm rooms, baseball is heading for the home stretch.  By golly, I think it must be football season.

From the heart of college football country (located somewhere in the SEC West) to the left coast, kickoff is just ten days away.  Dreams (and a few nightmares) will play out in full color, fans will remind us that the origin of the word is “fanatic”, yard work will be put on hold.  And in a few months, we’ll find out who is left standing and who is left curled up in a corner somewhere.

And what would football season be without my regular weekly ranking of the top teams across the land?  Well, it’d still be football season either way, but maybe just the tiniest bit less special.

Without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen I give you the preseason edition of the JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25  (final 2012 J3C ranking follows their name)

1. Alabama  (1)
2. Oklahoma (16)
3. Oregon (3)
4. USC (8)
5. Michigan (13)
6. LSU (2)
7. South Carolina (6)
8. Arkansas (5)
9. Wisconsin (11)
10. Michigan State (10)
11. Georgia (23)
12. Florida State (25)
13. West Virginia (17)
14. Oklahoma State (4)
15. Clemson (22)
16. Nebraska (21)
17. Texas (Un)
18. Virginia Tech (18)
19. Ohio State (Un)
20. TCU (9)
21. Stanford (7)
22. Kansas State (15)
23. Boise State (12)
24. Washington (Un)
25. Notre Dame (Un)

Top 25 in final 2012 unranked this season: Baylor (14) Southern Miss (19), Houston (20), BYU (24)

For whatever it’s worth, 6 of my preseason Top 25 last year finished the season unranked.  3 of those teams (Notre Dame, Auburn, Ohio State) will try not to repeat that fate.  Some team out there hopes to duplicate the success of 2012 USC, who I didn’t rank last preseason only to have them finish in the top ten.


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