J3C College Football Top 25 (after week four)

Slowly but surely college football continues to sort itself out.

Or at least the contenders are steadily separating themselves from the pretenders, and there seem to be a lot more of the latter than the former.

Florida State did a fair amount to elevate themselves over the weekend, with a convincing second half against Clemson.   Florida, Georgia and South Carolina all kept themselves alive for now but in the end there can be only one.  Auburn almost removed LSU from the bigger picture, and still may have managed to make their situation clearer for anyone who had doubts.  Unless you believe in Northwestern, we discovered that this year’s Big 10 may not have any.   Oregon removed Arizona from the national conversation, Oregon State did the same to UCLA.

Sadly for me this, it’s more enjoyable to talk about the bigger national picture than the snapshots where I have more rooting interest.  In Knoxville, either Terry Bowden arrived channeling the entire family tree worth of coaching ability or else he played a team that’s much longer on reputation and history than it is on talent or coaching.  Considering earlier season results, I’m going to go with the latter having a lot more to do with the closeness of that game for three quarters than the former.  But is it even remotely possible that the game might have been impromptu audition for the vacancy on Rocky Top that seems to grow more certain by the week?

Georgia, for a change, did to Vanderbilt what good teams are supposed to do to Vanderbilt.  You’ll have to forgive me if I’m not sure that the dominant performance is a sign that CMR finally has a team that’s as good as it’s supposed to be but, for what it was, I’ll admit the thoroughness of the win was fairly impressive.

That brings me to the Georgia Tech – Miami game, an affair that certainly seems to embody the very essence of being a Tech fan.  Honestly, did anyone really believe that a 21 point lead was safe?  With these players, and this coaching staff?  C’mon, really?  Judging from the post-game celebration the Hurricanes were a lot more surprised by it than I was.   Another shining moment from Reggie Ball, Jr, another defensive collapse, another game where the Jackets arrived looking as though they’d either been on a week-long bender or a week-long study session involving anything other than football.  Just another week on the The Flats really, after a while you kind of get used to it.  I miss Pepper Rodgers, at least he was sorta likable.

Enough, you know what’s next.

1. (1) Alabama
2. (2) Oregon
3. (6) Florida State
4. (5) South Carolina
5. (4) LSU
6. (7) West Virginia
7. (8) Georgia
8. (9) Texas
9. (10) Stanford
10. (11) Notre Dame
11. (16) Kansas State
12. (13) Ohio State
13. (3) Oklahoma
14. (14) USC
15. (15) TCU
16. (18) Florida
17. (10) Clemson
18. (20) Louisville
19. (19) Michigan State
20. (23) Oklahoma State
21. (Un) Oregon State
22. (24) Nebraska
23. (Un) Mississippi State
24. (25) Wisconsin
25. (Un) Rutgers

Dropped Out This Week: Michigan (17), UCLA (21), Arizona (22)


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