Ready to Rock (weekly playlists)

Yes, the week is almost over.  Yes, I’m so late that this is almost useless.  But I’ll do it anyway just to help me keep track of the movement of songs over time & to relieve a tiny bit of my guilt about failing to post these at all.

About as simple a week as can be, 2 songs in & 2 songs out.   And back to three songs of my personal top forty currently unavailable on Spotify.   In reality things were a little more complicated than they looked, with actually more songs vying for space than I can recall in quite a while.   Made for tougher decisions than usual when it came to deciding which songs needed to move on & which ones could hang on for at least another week.

Missing songs:
This Is Gonna Hurt – Hoobastank, You Waste Your Time – Mark Tremonti,  Demons – Candlelight Red,

New to the Spotify list this week:
Been Away Too Long – Soundgarden, Carry On – Avenged Sevenfold

Dropping off the Spotify list this week:
Coming Down – Five Finger Death Punch, Comeback – Redlight King

For the larger (nearly 200 songs) YouTube version things were kinda of hectic because of all the possible moves.  New music from the legendary Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, Las Vegas rockers Otherwise and animation favorites Deathklok.  You can find it at this link


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