J3C College Football Top 25 (after week seven)

No Tech game?  No Georgia game?  Ah well, at least there’s the familiar sound of Tennessee’s bubble being popped, as well as another pretender crashing to the floor.

Close(r) but no cigar for Derek Fooley’s Vols on their trip to Starkville, meaning a third consecutive 0-3 start in conference play.  With Alabama and South Carolina next on the schedule, the question doesn’t seem to be whether Tennessee will once again be 0-5 in the SEC (also for a third straight year) but rather whether a November 10th visit by Missouri will give them back to back years of 0-6 records in the SEC.

Speaking of South Carolina, what a flop.  Being pushed around by the LSU defense is one thing but giving up over 400 yards to their offense in another matter entirely.  The prospect of an undefeated Spurrier team playing Florida was entertaining to consider, instead there’s the depressing prospect that the SEC at this point might as well be Alabama and the Thirteen Dwarves.

Maybe the Gamecocks just took their cue from another former Spurrier team, the Duke Blue Devils.  Off to a 5-1 start and unbeaten in the ACC coming into Saturday, the long suffering program jumped to a 20-0 lead in Blacksburg … and then gave up 41 unanswered points to Virginia Tech.  Granted, nobody really thought Duke was a contender or anything but still, that’s a pretty major collapse.

Then again, this seemed to be the week for it.  How else to explain West Virginia & their XBox offense being held to 14 points by Texas Tech?  Or Texas trailing 36-2 at the half against Oklahoma, eventually losing 63-21?   Given all that happened over the weekend, Ohio State has to be breathing a sigh of relief that they staved off the challenge of mighty Indiana.

All was not lost however.  Georgia State finally found a team they could beat, routing Rhode Island 41-7 for their first ever win as a member of the football bowl subdivision.   Good thing too. With Villanova, James Madison and Old Dominion — a combined 15-4 this season — on the schedule ahead, this was probably their best shot at a win.

All in all, just another weekend in paradise … unless your team got exposed of course.

1. (1) Alabama
2. (2) Oregon
3. (5) Kansas State
4. (6) Notre Dame
5. (8) Florida
6. (7) Ohio State
7. (9) USC
8. (14) LSU
9. (3) South Carolina
10. (10) Oregon State
11. (11) Oklahoma
12. (12) Florida State
13. (13) Clemson
14. (4) West Virginia
15. (15) Georgia
16. (17) Louisville
17. (19) Mississippi State
18. (20) Rutgers
19. (Un) Texas Tech
20. (21) Cincinnati
21. (22) Texas A&M
22. (23) TCU
23. (Un) Michigan
24. (18) Stanford
25. (25) Boise State

Dropped Out This Week:  Texas (16), Michigan State (24)


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