J3C College Football Top 25 (after week eight)

I knew yesterday wasn’t going to be much fun to watch.

Take one of the worst — or even least — coached teams in college football.  Put them up against a machine.  And then duck.

What Alabama did to Tennessee was actually lighter than it could have been.  The Crimson Tide took a workmanlike approach to dismantling the hapless Vols in the first half.  In the second half they scattered the miscellaneous parts to the four winds.   In an interview conducted before the game Tennessee AD Dave Hart talked about needing to see improvement – not just with the football team but with athletics in general – with “urgency”.  The most urgent need in Knoxville at the moment is a legitimate Division 1 head football coach.  Until that happens, there’s really no reason to think anything will improve.

But there’s a lot of teams with things that need urgent improvement.  Take West Virginia’s defense.  Please.  Embarrassed and exposed for a second straight week, it’s hard to imagine that just a couple of weeks ago the Mountaineers were among the top five or six teams in the nation.  Of course we now know that they weren’t, we just thought they were.

The same situation, slightly less dire perhaps, in South Carolina.  In some respects the Gamecocks may have actually looked worse against Florida than they did the previous week against LSU.  At least the Tigers dominated the game.  The Gators scored 44 points with only 183 yards of total offense, as the Poultry imploded with 4 turnovers.  With Marcus Lattimore limited to three carries because of injury and Connor Shaw limited (mercifully) to just one half of dismal play, South Carolina can only hope that yesterday represents rock bottom for their season.

Then there’s Georgia, who has to be wondering what it takes to stop playing down to the level of their competition, struggling to beat woeful Kentucky.  And it took help from some bad officiating to manage even that much.  Joker Phillips is one of the few coaches that might not be an upgrade over Derek Fooley in Knoxvegas … but he held his own against the consistently lackluster staff on the other sideline.  The post-game pronouncement from Saint Richt that “I’m happy with the victory” spoke volumes about the source of the issues in Athens.

The end of the Texas Tech-TCU triple overtime shootout was fun, BYU hanging tough against Notre Dame wasn’t bad, and there’s something almost surreal about Vanderbilt having 2 more conference wins that Auburn & Tennessee combined.

That’s about it for this week I think, although I suppose congratulations are in order for Georgia Tech and their win over what looks like a mediocre high school team.   Beating Boston College proves that a tie isn’t the only thing that’s nice but doesn’t mean much.  Onto the poll, where stability in the upper reaches is the order of the day.

1. (1) Alabama
2. (2) Oregon
3. (3) Kansas State
4. (4) Notre Dame
5. (5) Florida
6. (6) Ohio State
7. (7) USC
8. (8) LSU
9. (10) Oregon State
10. (11) Oklahoma
11. (12) Florida State
12. (13) Clemson
13. (17) Mississippi State
14. (19) Texas Tech
15. (15) Georgia
16. (16) Louisville
17. (18) Rutgers
18. (9) South Carolina
19. (23) Michigan
20. (24) Stanford
21. (25) Boise State
22. (Un) Toledo
23. (Un) Ohio
24. (21) Texas A&M
25. (14) West Virginia

Dropped Out This Week:  Cincinnai (20), TCU (22)


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