J3C College Football Top 25 (after week nine)

Tough weekend to be undefeated.

Or, as five teams are now known, “formerly unbeaten”.

Alabama did that thing that they do to Mississippi State, no surprise there.  For Florida, having Georgia do that thing they hardly ever do anymore has to be doubly bitter.  For Rutgers, it may mean karma is taking revenge for the whole Snooky thing, how else to explain seven turnovers against Kent State.   For Ohio U it means a return to afterthought status.  And for Oregon State it means hoping that their game against Washington finished so late that nobody noticed.

Meanwhile, Oregon, Kansas State and Notre Dame are all trying to figure out why the whole undefeated thing was so hard for everybody else on Saturday, they certainly didn’t have any trouble staying that way.

Of course, most of the teams playing over the weekend had long since fallen from the ranks of the undefeated, including 5 more of my top 25.  USC found a way to squander a 345 yard receiving day from Marqise Lee and lost the Unlikable Coach Bowl to Arizona.  Michigan saw a horrifying glimpse of life without Dennard Robinson, or life with a freshman backup that now has as many interceptions through 21 attempts this season- 4 – as completions.  And even if you count both, he still misses everybody 60% of the time.

As bad as Rusell Bellomy has been, he might be an upgrade at Georgia Tech … on defense.  The Al Groh Vindication Classic saw the Jackets give up over 400 yards and 41 points to a BYU team that isn’t exactly a powerhouse.  The triple option produced only 157 yards all day, thanks in no small part to a shocking 0-for-10 afternoon on third down conversions.  At this point the best thing left in this Tech season might be if the rumors about AD Dan Radokovich leaving for Clemson.  That might start the long road back, and wreck an ACC rival in the process, a win-win situation for the athletic Joke by Coke.

I’d love to give Tennessee equal time here, but I just can’t.  Suffice to say that in the history of the Southeastern Conference only one program had ever managed to start three straight seasons 0-5 in conference play … until Saturday, when the Vols joined Vanderbilt on that list.  Still, given the horrifying knee injury suffered by Marcus Lattimore, talking about the game seems almost crass.   By all accounts not only is the young man who turns 21 today a great running back but he’s also a tremendously likable all around good person.  Nothing but good wishes, thoughts and prayers for him.

One final note, for the folks down in Auburn, basketball season starts November 9th against IPFW.  Football season has been over for several weeks now so I’m sure you’re looking forward to some hoops.

1. (1) Alabama
2. (2) Oregon
3. (3) Kansas State
4. (4) Notre Dame
5. (6) Ohio State
6. (8) LSU
7. (11) Florida State
8. (15) Georgia
9. (12) Clemson
10. (5) Florida
11. (16) Louisville
12. (9) Oregon State
13. (20) Stanford
14. (7) USC
15. (10) Oklahoma
16. (13) Mississippi State
17. (24) Texas A&M
18. (14) Texas Tech
19. (18) South Carolina
20. (21) Boise State
21. (22) Toledo
22. (25) West Virginia
23. (Un) Nebraska
24. (Un) Arizona
25. (Un) Kent State

Dropped Out This Week: Rutgers (17), Michigan (19), Ohio (23)


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