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Ready To Rock (weekly playlists)

No, I didn’t just decide to stop posting, I’ve just been unable to listen enough to justify a fresh playlist for myself.

Between a sudden surge of work and a lingering nagging cough/cold thing that won’t go away, I’ve just been 3/4ths of the way to overwhelmed.  In radio parlance you could say that my playlists were simply frozen for the past couple of weeks.  But now there has been some movement, a total of 8 songs entering the Spotify list and 8 others falling out.

Missing songs:
Demons – Candlelight Red,  Scarecrow – One Bad Son

New to the Spotify list this week:
Let’s Ride – Kid Rock, Dear Old America – Heart, We Are – Hollywood Undead, One More Lie – Aranda, Darkness Within – Machinehead, Out Go The Lights – Aerosmith, Where Did The Angels Go – Papa Roach, Dancing With The Dead – 10 Years

Dropping off the Spotify list this week:
Still Swinging – Papa Roach, Here & Now – Seether, Doom & Gloom – Rolling Stones, Lover Alot – Aerosmith,  Psycho – 12 Stones, Forget You – Digital Summer (f.Clint Lowery), Bombs Away – Age of Days

For the larger (once again nearly 200 songs) YouTube version there’s new music from a variety of places & styles, including Canadian rockers Shelbi, Christian rap-rocker Manafest, a new solo track from James Michael (of Sixx A.M.), and 80’s returnees Bang Tango.
You can find it at this link


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J3C College Football Top 25 (after week thirteen)

Every championship season has a defining moment.  Did we see one of those last night in Los Angeles?

I still expect Alabama to beat Notre Dame by double digits in the eventual National Championship Game, but if something else takes place, the Irish’ goal line stand against USC is likely to be the moment that we all remember.

Saturday also provided the moment that Auburn fans will likely remember for a long time, as Alabama laid waste to the Tigers, an exclamation point for the end of the Gene Chizik era.

Georgia provided an exclamation point of their own on Saturday, drubbing the hapless and hopeless Jackets between the hedges.  Alas, it’s unlikely that even yet another embarrassment brings Tech fans any relief in the form of the end of the Paul “I Can’t Recruit To Save My Life” Johnson era.

There was relief in other forms on Saturday.  In Gainesville they’re relived that the Gators found 24 points in the 4th quarter.  In College Station they’re relieved that Johnny Football’s knee seems to be fine.  In Lincoln they’re still relieved after the Huskers found a way to avoid the embarrassment of a loss to Iowa on Friday.  In Los Angeles they’re relieved that they get another shot at Stanford with a trip to the Rose Bowl on the line after the first crack at the Cardinal didn’t turn out so well.

And at home, you’re probably relieved that it’s time to reveal this week’s J3C Top 25.

1. (1) Notre Dame
2. (2) Alabama
3. (3) Ohio State
4. (5) Oregon
5. (4) LSU
6. (7) Georgia
7. (9) Texas A&M
8. (10) Stanford
9. (12) Florida
10. (11) Kansas State
11. (13) Oklahoma
12. (6) Florida State
13. (16) South Carolina
14. (15) Nebraska
15. (8) Clemson
16. (14) UCLA
17. (20) Kent State
18. (17) Oregon State
19. (24) Northern Illinois
20. (25) Boise State
21. (19) Texas
22. (Un) Northwestern
23. (18) Louisville
24. (24) Michigan
25. (Un) Utah State

Dropped Out This Week: Rutgers(21), Oklahoma State (23)

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J3C College Football Top 25 (after week twelve)

You thought things got crazy when number one lost, how about if #1 and #2 both get upset?
Dogs and cats are currently threatening to live together.

Kansas State gets their bubble stomped on.   Oregon runs into another team that has their number.  And Notre Dame keeps rolling merrily along, to the delight of some and to the absolute frustration of others.

And Alabama?  They’re right back in position as favorites to win another national championship.  But what if … just imagine for a moment the possibilities.  If Georgia manages to find a way to subdue the Tide pass rush, Aaron Murray could pick Bama’s secondary apart.  If Southern Cal decides to win one for the Kiffer, then it’s probably the Dawgs and somebody for the national championship. And if Florida could upset FSU, and get some help of course, then a rematch of the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party might be for the national championship.

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, if you think there was an outcry over the LSU-Alabama title game rematch, imagine what would happen if there was a do-over for that 9 turnover game where neither team managed 300 yards in total offense.  It was hide-your-eyes-and-make-the-kids-leave-the-room ugly the first time around, unless you had a heavy rooting interest,  and even then it was tough sledding.
Meanwhile, Georgia Tech actually plays a decent defensive fourth quarter and outlasts Duke 42-24 … and finds themselves as one of the more unlikely division champions from a divided conference.  Thank you Miami (I guess) for your past sins.  With a loss to Georgia and a loss to FSU in the ACC title game, the Jackets would likely need a waiver from the NCAA to go bowling with a losing record.  Couple that with a likely bowl loss (you’re familiar with CPJ’s record in bowl games I presume) and a 6-8 season seems probably for the Jackets.  You’ll have to forgive me then if I’m completely unimpressed by this “championship”.

At least in Knoxville there is some reason – however faint – for hope.  Losing to Vanderbilt in spectacular fashion finally put an end to the Derek Dooley error, um, era.  It’s not exactly his fault that he was so overmatched by the job, but that’s the reality of it, and so is the considerable relief that his dismissal brings.  Now we can spend a few weeks watching to see just how badly Dave Hart screws up the selection of a replacement.

Now denied the Unemployed Coaches Bowl between Dooley & Joker Phillips,  we still must somehow find a way to carry on through another weekend.  Who chokes on their opportunity this week?

1. (3) Notre Dame
2. (4) Alabama
3. (5) Ohio State
4. (6) LSU
5. (1) Oregon
6. (7) Florida State
7. (8) Georgia
8. (9) Clemson
9. (10) Texas A&M
10. (11) Stanford
11. (2) Kansas State
12. (13) Florida
13. (12) Oklahoma
14. (15) UCLA
15. (14) Nebraska
16. (16) South Carolina
17. (17) Oregon State
18. (19) Louisville
19. (20) Texas
20. (23) Kent State
21. (24) Rutgers
22. (25) Michigan
23. (Un) Oklahoma State
24. (Un) Northern Illinois
25. (Un) Boise State
Dropped Out This Week: USC (18), Louisiana Tech (21), Texas Tech (22)

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J3C College Football Top 25 (after week eleven)

Johnny Football.

Is there really anything else to be said?

Texas A&M freshman Johnny Manziel undressed the Alabama defense for nearly 350 all purpose yards.  Tide QB A.J. McCarron had thrown over 250 passes without an interception until Saturday, when he threw two.  And that’s how you end up with a new number one.

The rest of the top ten managed – whether with ease or with great difficulty – to survive the weekend … almost.  The exception being Louisville who found themselves getting run over, rather literally, by Syracuse.

Georgia Tech made the bid for membership in the Pac Howevermany with a ridiculous 68-50 win over North Carolina.  1,085 total yards combined offense, over 500 yards combined both rushing and passing.  That, combined with Virginia’s upset of Miami, means that as inexplicable as it seems the Jackets have several potential ways to reach the ACC Championship Game.  If that happens, it ought to be the end of any automatic bid to any bowl anywhere for the conference.

Speaking of ridiculous, there’s always Knoxville.  That Derek Dooley is still employed (for the time being) can at least be explained by the absence of anyone handy to replace him.  That Sal Sunseri is still employed is absurd beyond words.  A drunken squirrel could do more with a defense, even one that has defensive backs as inept as Tennessee’s.   It’s getting hard not to root for Kentucky at this point, at least that would prevent Coach Doofus from taking this sad lot to a bowl game.

Time to shuffle the deck, let’s see how some other teams respond to the pressure of a possible national championship appearance.

1. (2) Oregon
2. (3) Kansas State
3. (4) Notre Dame
4. (1) Alabama
5. (5) Ohio State
6. (6) LSU
7. (7) Florida State
8. (8) Georgia
9. (9) Clemson
10. (15) Texas A&M
11. (13) Stanford
12. (14) Oklahoma
13. (11) Florida
14. (16) Nebraska
15. (17) UCLA
16. (18) South Carolina
17. (12) Oregon State
18. (19) USC
19. (10) Louisville
20. (22) Texas
21. (25) Louisiana Tech
22. (23) Texas Tech
23. (24) Kent State
24. (Un) Rutgers
25. (Un) Michigan

Dropped Out This Week: Toledo (20), Mississippi State (21)

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Ready To Rock (Weekly Playlists)

Getting closer to caught up (I think).

Busy week too, with 4 new songs in as well as one re-entry.  Still only two songs missing from Spotify that would otherwise make the cut.

Missing songs:
Demons – Candlelight Red, Let’s Ride – Kid Rock

New to the Spotify list this week:
Psycho – 12 Stones (r-entry), Higher – P.O.D.,  I Don’t Apologize – Otherwise, Forget You – Digital Summer f. Clint Lowery, Something To Remind You – Staind

Dropping off the Spotify list this week:
Wait For Me – Rise Against, Backlash – 10 Years, This Is Gonna Hurt – Hoobastank, Darkness Within – Machinehead, One Day At A Time – Joe Walsh

For the larger (once again nearly 200 songs) YouTube version there’s new music from hot newcomer ZZ Ward, Soul Side In, Throw the Fight, Cauldron and more.  You can find it at this link

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J3C College Football Top 25 (after week ten)

Well, that was interesting.

LSU made Alabama look almost human for a good bit of Saturday night, which is more than anybody else has done in a while.

It made for some pretty good television too, especially the emotional reaction of A.J. McCarron in the waning moments of the game.  Could that be the lasting image of his Heisman Moment? Regardless, I think you have to feel for the young man, who gets an understatement of the season nomination for his post-game comment about how “Sometimes it can be a lot of pressure playing here at this university“.  Yes son, I imagine it is at that.

As good as that game was, it wasn’t the only interesting game played on Saturday.  Ask Oregon, who found USC far more interesting than it would have liked.  If you score 62 points, you’d probably really prefer not to be sweating late in the fourth quarter.   And I’m sure Kansas State would like to have avoided worrying about their Heisman candidate QB’s health, never mind a relatively close game.

“Worry” doesn’t begin to describe the feelings around South Ben on Saturday.  A three point win in triple overtime is justwaytoocloseforcomfort, especially with a lot at stake for the first time in a while.   At least down in Gainesville, Florida they’re used to that sort of thing, although narrowly getting by Missouri surely wasn’t the preferred way to spend a Saturday.

If I’m having a good year, I’d much rather get the four touchdowns (or more) margins enjoyed by Louisville, Clemson or Stanford.  But you have to make sure you’re on the right side of those to enjoy ’em … just ask Arizona.

I’m not sure anything should really be all that enjoyable in Atlanta at this point.  Yeah, it’s nice to beat up a conference opponent.  But when it’s a team that is down to its’ 5th-string QB, and he’s actually a freshman linebacker forced under center, well it is what it is.

Still had to be more fun than the scene in Knoxville.  A nailbiter.  Against Troy.  On Homecoming.  Veteran writer John Adams described it well in his post-game column, suggest that the smartest thing that CDD could have done was fire Sal Sunseri at halftime and that the AD announce that the search process for a new (or even actual) head coach was underway.    Soon, Mr. Adams, soon.

And somehow, after all of this, this week’s poll looks rather familiar at the top.

1. (1) Alabama
2. (2) Oregon
3. (3) Kansas State
4. (4) Notre Dame
5. (5) Ohio State
6. (6) LSU
7. (7) Florida State
8. (8) Georgia
9. (9) Clemson
10. (11) Louisville
11. (10) Florida
12. (12) Oregon State
13. (13) Stanford
14. (15) Oklahoma
15. (17) Texas A&M
16. (23) Nebraska
17. (Un) UCLA
18. (19) South Carolina
19. (14) USC
20. (21) Toledo
21. (16) Mississippi State
22. (Un) Texas
23. (18) Texas Tech
24. (25) Kent State
25. (Un) Louisiana Tech

Dropped Out This Week: Boise State (20), West Virginia (22), Arizona (24)

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Ready To Rock (weekly playlists)

I think all that rebuilding must have exhausted me.

I look around today & realize that I never posted my playlists for the last week of October.  To be honest, I never quite finished tweaking them until now.  Still, rather than have a hole in my permanent record so to speak, I’ll post now even with the week nearly gone & hope to get back on track tomorrow with another update.

Stuff happens, whaddya gonna do?

Part of the problem may have been the relative lack of change from the previous week, just 2 new songs in and 2 going out, and those exiting may only be out temporarily.  Was a very slow moving week on both the national Active Rock and Mainstream Rock charts.

Missing songs:
Demons – Candlelight Red, Let’s Ride – Kid Rock

New to the Spotify list this week:
One Light – Three Doors Down, Darkness Within – Machinehead,  Something To Remind You – Staind

Dropping off the Spotify list this week:
Something To Remind You – Staind, Psycho – 12 Stones

For the larger (once again nearly 200 songs) YouTube version there’s new music from Aranda, Hollywood Undead, newcomers Villains of Vaudeville, veteran Italian rockers Midnite Sun and all-girl Slovenian metal from The Hellcats.  You can find it at this link

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