J3C College Football Top 25 (after week eleven)

Johnny Football.

Is there really anything else to be said?

Texas A&M freshman Johnny Manziel undressed the Alabama defense for nearly 350 all purpose yards.  Tide QB A.J. McCarron had thrown over 250 passes without an interception until Saturday, when he threw two.  And that’s how you end up with a new number one.

The rest of the top ten managed – whether with ease or with great difficulty – to survive the weekend … almost.  The exception being Louisville who found themselves getting run over, rather literally, by Syracuse.

Georgia Tech made the bid for membership in the Pac Howevermany with a ridiculous 68-50 win over North Carolina.  1,085 total yards combined offense, over 500 yards combined both rushing and passing.  That, combined with Virginia’s upset of Miami, means that as inexplicable as it seems the Jackets have several potential ways to reach the ACC Championship Game.  If that happens, it ought to be the end of any automatic bid to any bowl anywhere for the conference.

Speaking of ridiculous, there’s always Knoxville.  That Derek Dooley is still employed (for the time being) can at least be explained by the absence of anyone handy to replace him.  That Sal Sunseri is still employed is absurd beyond words.  A drunken squirrel could do more with a defense, even one that has defensive backs as inept as Tennessee’s.   It’s getting hard not to root for Kentucky at this point, at least that would prevent Coach Doofus from taking this sad lot to a bowl game.

Time to shuffle the deck, let’s see how some other teams respond to the pressure of a possible national championship appearance.

1. (2) Oregon
2. (3) Kansas State
3. (4) Notre Dame
4. (1) Alabama
5. (5) Ohio State
6. (6) LSU
7. (7) Florida State
8. (8) Georgia
9. (9) Clemson
10. (15) Texas A&M
11. (13) Stanford
12. (14) Oklahoma
13. (11) Florida
14. (16) Nebraska
15. (17) UCLA
16. (18) South Carolina
17. (12) Oregon State
18. (19) USC
19. (10) Louisville
20. (22) Texas
21. (25) Louisiana Tech
22. (23) Texas Tech
23. (24) Kent State
24. (Un) Rutgers
25. (Un) Michigan

Dropped Out This Week: Toledo (20), Mississippi State (21)

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