J3C College Football Top 25 (2012 season final)

We could have saved a lot of hoopla and hype and foregone the national championship game this year.  W.O.P.R. figured out the outcome years ago

Alabama’s thorough destruction of Notre Dame puts the official seal on their dynasty.  Two in a row is fine and all, but there’s at least room for some discussion about where the run ranks in the history of college football.  Three in four seasons, especially in this day and age of “parity” (translation: lots of mediocre teams), well that’s an indisputable dynasty.  I’m no Alabama fan by any stretch of the imagination but like the Celtics, the 49ers, the Bulls, you have to tip your hat to them because they’ve earned it.

If you read this space regularly you may recall that I said I’d have picked the Irish to win it all if the game had been played after conference championship week.   But I also pointed out that the layoff was a long one and that I expected Saban to find a way to get his team ready and to win.  By the couple of days before kickoff I had formally picked Alabama by three.  I meant points, not touchdowns.  I knew the Tide would be ready but I didn’t expect Notre Dame to wilt in the spotlight, much less be trampled underfoot.  Shows you why I don’t ever bet on college football.

I’d have also lost my house betting on the outcome of GT-USC.  Perhaps as shocked as I’ve ever been by the result of a football game.  I’d have given better odds of Appy State beating Michigan than of the Jackets winning a bowl game under CPJ … but given the sight of Lane “Unabomber” Kiffin on the sidelines I’m thrilled to have been wrong.

In about 8 months, hope will spring eternal with new coaches on many sidelines, new players with visions of Heisman dancing in their heads and new hot seats warming up … but until then, it’s time for my final Top 25 for the 2011 season (final rank & pre-bowl rank before the team name, my pre-season rank follows their name)

1. (2) Alabama (1)
2. (4) Oregon (3)
3. (3) Ohio State (19)
4. (7) Texas A&M (Un)
5. (5) Georgia (11)
6. (1) Notre Dame (25)
7. (8) Stanford (21)
8. (12) South Carolina (7)
9. (13) Florida State (12)
10. (14) Clemson (15)
11. (6) LSU (6)
12. (9) Kansas State (22)
13. (20) Louisville (Un)
14. (18) Boise State (23)
15. (10) Florida (Un)
16. (11) Oklahoma (2)
17. (19) Northwestern (Un)
18. (23) Texas (17)
19. (22) Utah State (Un)
20. (25) San Jose State (Un)
21. (15) Oregon State (Un)
22. (Un) Vanderbilt (Un)
23. (Un) Baylor (Un)
24. (21) Michigan (5)
25. (16) Northern Illinois (Un)

Dropped Out This Week:  Northern Illinois (16), UCLA (17), Michigan (21), Nebraska (24)

Preseason ranked teams that finished unranked:  USC (4), Arkansas (8), Wisconsin (9), Michigan State (10), West Virginia (13), Oklahoma State (14), Nebraska (16), Virginia Tech (18), TCU (20), Washington (24)


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