3 Things (for 6/10/13)

I think I’ll try something new.  Or something old that I haven’t done much lately so it might seem new.

One of the easiest ways for me to write is what I think of as an “Andy Rooney” column.   You know, that stream of consciousness ramble that started with “Did’ya ever wonder …” and covered a variety of bullet points and one-liners long enough to fill his whole 60 Minutes segment for a week.

Between Facebook and Twitter there’s really not a shortage of opportunities to do that sort of thing now but sometimes there’s things that either don’t fit into 150 characters or just feel a little off as a status update.

I’m not sure frequently I’ll end up doing this kind of entry but, for now, let’s see what I’ve got.  It’s certainly a mixed bag tonight.

1)  The NBA barely registers on my radar at all but that Lebron James blocked shot was a lot of fun to watch (unless you’re from San Antonio).  I find myself pulling for the Heat much of the time simply because they are at least vaguely interesting as a storyline, this series is no different.  And by “pulling for the Heat” I really mean wanting them to win but not caring nearly enough to do anything more than check the ESPN.com sports ticker occasionally throughout the night.  Not counting involuntary viewing at a restaurant or something of that nature, I literally can’t recall the last time I stopped a television on an NBA game.  At least several years I believe … but that block was fun.

2) Sting and Fleetwood Mac played simultaneous shows in Atlanta tonight.  If you went (or wished you did) then good on you, I hope you had a blast.  That said however, after seeing a question about “if you had to choose” the only thought I had was that the only way I could have endured either was a gunpoint and even then there’d have been a good chance I’d have snatched the gun away and put myself out of my misery.   Stevie Nicks bleating like one of the Billy Goats Gruff or Sting trying to bore me to death, that’s a choice right up there with being burned alive with a flamethrower or napalm.

3) Speaking of flamethrowers … the treacherous likes of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden make me very nostalgic for the good old days. Untimely “brake failure” or a sudden “heart attack ” might very well have provided a small measure of justice for those two sorry bastards.    I’d prefer a firing squad for treason (under the “aid & comfort” provision) but as far as I’m concerned the proverbial shadowy “accident” of fiction and lore would be better than watching get off with a slap on the wrist (if that much even happens).


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