3 Things (for 7/28/13)

Classic television, fortune cookies and remembrance of a great figure from my childhood.  Just three things rattling around my head …  complete with the little “bloop” sound that Pong used to make.

1) I see where NBC is going to reboot the classic Ironside crime drama.  Late night re-runs helped me see every episode of this one years ago and it still ranks among my all-time favorites.   That started me thinking about what other classic cop shows might actually work if re-booted today.  Not necessarily my favorites but simply which ones might fit best in a modern setting.  I’m thinking Baretta, maybe The Streets of San Francisco.  

2) Maybe it’s just me and my dining luck but I swear the quality of the messages in fortune cookies just keeps falling.  I think over half the ones I’ve gotten in the past few months have had technical errors of some sort.  Missing words, garbled messages, misprints, Engrish, no fortune at all, two fortunes in one cookie, you name I think I’ve seen it.   I think I’ve got a new concept for them though:   Magic 8-Ball messages.   Can’t you see it?  Open up the cookie, eagerly turn to read the pearl of mystic wisdom on the little slip and find … Try Again Later

3) It was thirteen years ago this weekend that a major part of my childhood passed away.  Gordon Solie was aptly known as “The Dean of Professional Wrestling Announcers” and was to the squared circle what Vin Scully is to baseball: a national treasure.   There was magic whenever he was behind the microphone, no matter the situation nor the characters, he had a gift of making what you were watching feel important.  It’s easy to attribute this to being “a gift”, just a natural born talent, but that would be selling the amount of thought and effort that he put into his craft tragically short.  I ran across an interview from 1998 that goes into more detail about his philosophy on doing his job than I recall seeing before, would that we all understood our jobs as well as he did.   There was never anyone better than Gordon Solie, a combination of magic and intelligence and hard work.


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