12 Years … and counting

Two years ago I shared what has been the most read entry in the history of this blog.

I’m proud that’s the case, as I’m not sure I’ve written anything here that was more heartfelt nor more meaningful in terms of a “big picture” topic.    On another 9/11, I once again join those who pay tribute to the heroes and pay respects to the fallen from that awful day.

It’s been said often that “no one will ever forget where they were that day”.  I believe that’s true, which makes it all the more confounding to see how many lessons have either been forgotten, ignored or outright denied. Two years have passed and it’s disheartening to read my own words while still seeing the same mistakes that concerned me then continuing on a daily basis.  Perhaps even escalating if certain quarters have their way of things.  Aside from the age of my child, I fear that little has changed, except maybe for the worse.

For those who are new to my blog, or who may have missed my thoughts at the time I’d ask you to take a moment to read 10 Years Later


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