J3C College Football Top 25 (after Week 3)

Another week down, the pecking order may be shuffled a bit but some teams are pretty much who we thought they were.

As good as Alabama looked during long stretches of Saturday’s game, it’s a little scary to me that A&M ended up making things as close as they did … Even scarier in some respects is that Oregon put a historic beatdown on Tennessee (worst varsity football loss for the Vols since 1910) while not necessarily appearing to need much effort to do it … Duke is Duke, and Georgia Tech has to be happy about that … Texas might actually be as bad as BYU made them look … Ohio State might be more dangerous than some folks believe … Could Vandy be preparing to turn back into Vandy? … Florida State definitely looks like they’re for real, but which week does Winston turn into a freshman, like virtually all freshmen do? …  What in the world got into Michigan?  And does it mean anything? … And how on earth did officials manage to make as complete a bungle of a game as Wisconsin – Arizona State ended up being?  Might be among the worst utter clusters I can recall seeing.  I’m not sure there’s any way I can look at either team’s record without putting an asterisk beside it.  No guarantee Wisconsin hits the field goal but in my heart I can’t treat that game as anything more than a narrow win over an unranked team.

Hmm … after a couple of weeks feeling like I had answers, seems Week 3  gave me more questions … probably a good time to get to the Top 25, before I end up confusing myself

1.  Alabama  (1)
2.  Oregon (2)
3.  Ohio State (3)
4. Stanford (5)
5. FSU (6)
6. Clemson (7)
7. Louisville (8)
8. LSU (9)
9. Texas A&M (9)
10. Michigan (10)
11. Georgia (11)
12. Oklahoma State (12)
13. Oklahoma (13)
14. Northwestern (15)
15. Miami (16)
16. South Carolina (17)
17. Washington (18)
18. UCLA (19)
19. Ole Miss (24)
20. Notre Dame (20)
21. Florida (21)
22. Baylor (23)
23. Wisconsin (22)
24. Texas Tech (Un)
25. Michigan State (Un)

Dropped Out This Week:  Nebraska (14), TCU (25)


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