J3C College Football Top 25 (after Week 5)

A better slate of games than the previous week produces some movement in the college football ranks.  And none of it more entertaining for me than the shake-up on the west coast.

Let me just go ahead & get this out of the way.  {clears throat}
Ding dong the witch is dead, the witch is dead, which old witch?  The wicked witch, ding dong the Kiffie witch is dead.  Being fired on an airport sidewalk couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy than Lame, my one regret perhaps is that Robocop wasn’t available to give him the severance package he so richly deserved.     Now, on to teams that are actually relevant in 2013.

Have to give Georgia credit for winning a shootout at home over LSU but long time Tennessee fans had a feeling what was about to happen.  There are reasons that the absence of John Chavis in Knoxville hasn’t been the subject of all that much angst even during the recent years of disaster, a national audience was reminded why that’s the case on Saturday …  Ohio State kept rolling along for a 17th straight win, Florida State almost had their very own Clemson moment, and Oklahoma State stumbled against a team that had been annihilated 37-0 the week before.  It’s almost enough to put fans into {wait for it}  {wait for it} a state … Florida got by Kentucky in a game that might not have been as close as it felt while South Carolina had an even closer call against UCF but the next wins might be tough to come by until QB Connor Shaw returns … You think maybe UNC might be hoping Mack Brown really is out at Texas, maybe he could help them get past being blown out by East Carolina on their own home field … Things probably aren’t much jollier in West Lafayette today after Northern Illinois beat Purdue by the same margin that Wisconsin trounced the Boilermakers by the week before … Congrats to UNLV for breaking their 23 game road losing streak with a win at New Mexico.  The teams combined for video game caliber number like 1,149 yards and 98 points, so it was interesting if nothing else … That’s more than can be said for Georgia Tech’s Thursday night flop against Va Tech, but what else does anyone really expect from a CPJ led team at this point?  The problem isn’t the system, the problem is the lack of legitimate D1 players involved in said system.

In successive weeks I’ve felt like I had answers, questions and virtual boredom.  This week I think the word is “conflicted”.  Late into Saturday evening I was leaning toward a new number one team for this week but a 50 yard TD run late in the 4th quarter seems to have been just enough for me to hold off on such a move … for now.  With that at least temporarily settled sometime on Sunday, it’s time for this week’s new Top 25.

1.  Alabama  (1)
2.  Oregon (2)
3.  Ohio State (3)
4. Stanford (4)
5. Clemson (6)
6. FSU (5)
7. Louisville (7)
8. Georgia (11)
9. Texas A&M (9)
10. Oklahoma (13)
11. Michigan (10)
12. LSU (8)
13. Northwestern (14)
14. Miami (15)
15. Washington (17)
16. South Carolina (16)
17. UCLA (18)
18. Baylor (20)
19. Florida (22)
20. Texas Tech (24)
21. Oklahoma State (12)
22. Maryland (25)
23. Arizona State (Un)
24. Northern Illinois (Un)
25. Ole Miss (19)

Dropped Out This Week:  Notre Dame (21), Wisconsin (23)

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