J3C College Football Top 25 (after Week 9)

A week after the seismic shift, a few aftershocks rattle the proverbial dishes in college football.

While Alabama remained nailed firmly to the top spot, Oregon vibrated a bit for about a half before demolishing UCLA.  FSU seemed determined to match anything Alabama did on the day, Ohio State looked to be going for style points in a record setting demolition of Penn State.

Missouri crashed against the ceiling of South Carolina, Texas Tech got chipped by Oklahoma, while Miami narrowly averted disaster by an eyelash against Wake Forest.  The other noises you heard were Virginia Tech shattering against the withering onslaught of … Duke(?) and Nebraska being broken by Minnesota for the first time in over 50 years.

Closer to my heart, Georgia Tech found an ACC opponent that was actually bad enough to look a gift horse in the mouth, repeatedly.   And Tennessee got thoroughly reminded just how far they still have to go.  Moreover though I believe the Vols outings against Oregon and Alabama illustrate even more clearly the gap between actual contenders versus pretenders.  And I still don’t think there are more than three of the former versus 2-3 dozen of the latter.  But without those pretenders I couldn’t very well complete this  week’s  Top 25, so they do serve a purpose beyond their local economies.

1. Alabama  (1)
2. FSU (3)
3. Oregon (2)
4. Ohio State (4)
5. Miami (5)
6. Stanford (7)
7. Baylor (8)
8. Oklahoma (10)
9. Clemson (11)
10. Auburn (12)
11. Texas A&M (14)
12. Texas Tech (9)
13. Missouri (6)
14. Oklahoma State (15)
15. South Carolina (21)
16. Louisville (16)
17. LSU (18)
18. Fresno State (17)
19. UCLA (13)
20. Northern Illinois (19)
21. Wisconsin (23)
22. Michigan State (Un)
23. Minnesota (Un)
24. Ole Miss (25)
25. Arizona State (24)

Dropped Out This Week: Nebraska (20), Virginia Tech (22)


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