J3C College Football Top 25 (after Week 10)

After a couple of busy weeks, the college football landscape enjoy some relative calm after the storm.

With both Alabama and Oregon enjoying a week off, the spotlight turned its attention to FSU and their sensational freshman quarterback.   The ‘Noles may have started a little slow but finished strong, with their defense shutting down Miami and the offense put up over 500 yards despite a less than spectacular performance by Jameis Winston.  The loss was even more painful for the Hurricanes, who not only lost their shot at a national championship but also lost star running back Duke Johnson to a broken ankle.  How Miami will recover – or IF Miami will recover — remains to be seen.

Beyond that, most teams in action simply took care of business.  Ohio State won by 56, Clemson won by 49, Missouri won by only 28 but it felt much larger, Auburn, Texas A&M, South Carolina, all basically rolled.  Only Texas Tech stumbled, falling in a shootout that feature over a thousand yards total offense.  Sure there were a couple of close calls, Notre Dame & Navy and Minnesota/Northwestern but overall it was a very status quo weekend for the top teams.

Georgia Tech managed to get themselves bowl eligible, removing some of the drama from their upcoming games, now we all wait with baited breath to see whether they’re bound for the Belk Bowl or another thrilling destination.  For Tennessee, well, the drama continues.  Nothing dramatic about back to back losses by a combined 76-13 score but after they’re soundly thrashed by Auburn this weekend they can still stumble into a bowl by beating both Vandy & Kentucky.  I will note that a bowl for the Vols might be more useful than it appears, giving them several extra weeks of practice under Butch Jones.  Maybe, just maybe, it might help a little.  And now, without further ado, time for this  week’s  Top 25, the first one all season that features the exact same teams as the week before.

1. Alabama  (1)
2. FSU (2)
3. Oregon (3)
4. Ohio State (4)
5. Stanford (6)
6. Baylor (7)
7. Oklahoma (8)
8. Clemson (9)
9. Auburn (10)
10. Texas A&M (11)
11. Missouri (13)
12. Miami (5)
13. South Carolina (15)
14. Oklahoma State (14)
15. Louisville (16)
16. LSU (17)
17. Fresno State (18)
18. UCLA (19)
19. Northern Illinois (20)
20. Wisconsin (21)
21. Michigan State (22)
22. Arizona State (25)
23. Texas Tech (12)
24. Ole Miss (24)
25. Minnesota (23)

Dropped Out This Week: None


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