Three Things (for 11/24/13)

If you didn’t know me better you might think today’s three things were almost grumpy.  They really aren’t .. at least not particularly moreso than usual.

1)  First the FAA announces that they’re looking at lifting the ban on airplane cell phone use, as the long-cited “safety concerns” apparently no longer apply to current technology.  Seems like a win, I’ve heard people complain about that sort of thing for years.  Now it seems people have found something new to complain about: the fact that the FAA is considering lifting the ban.  Seems to me that the only thing that would satisfy the majority of the population is giving them what they really want:  permission to do as they damned well please themselves while restricting nearly everyone around them as tightly as possible.   I’m not condemning that attitude all that harshly, I’m sure there are no shortage of examples where I’m just as guilty of it … I’m just a little amused by such a glaring example of how nearly impossible it is to please even half the people half of the time.

2)  While mentioning a couple of situations where teenage “sexting” led to everyone involved facing criminal charges, I ran across a doozy of a comment in the media coverage.  I’m well past the point of being even mildly surprised that teenage girls will send revealing pictures of themselves to teenage boys, I even knew that it didn’t take much for charges to be filed against the recipient of said pictures if they happened to show them to a friend.    What DID boggle my mind was this bit of info: “some of the girls weren’t aware that their pictures were being spread.”
Say whaaaaat?  I know I’ve got a few decades of life experiences on MS/HS kids but I’m downright astonished that anyone could be THAT naive/stupid.  I mean seriously gang, are there actually teens out there who are worldly enough to take & share intimate pictures of themselves but simultaneously tragically ignorant enough to believe that the recipient isn’t going to show the picture to somebody, or at least talk about it?  Seriously?  If so then all I can say is damn.   Parents, get off your lazy butts, muster up some courage and wisen up your kids, that’s part of the job.

3) Had an interesting conversation with one of my fellow volunteers at yesterday’s gameday parking fiesta.  Was getting late in the day & I believe at least some of us had started to reach our individual limits with it all.  I made a casual comment about how the whole tailgating scene really struck me more like something from the 7th Level of Hell, that I just couldn’t imagine many scenarios where I’d actually enjoy it.  He seemed genuinely surprised by that and remarked how “I didn’t realize you were that anti-social”.  As I (sort of) explained, I don’t think I’m THAT anti-social per se, I’m just somewhat selective about who I socialize WITH, even moreso if there’s alcohol involved. Don’t get me wrong here folks, I had a fine time chatting with random people again yesterday, across a range of ages and personalities and on the whole believe I was a fairly engaging and I daresay even entertaining fellow for some of those I encountered …  I’m just not sure that I’m inclined to believe that me spending 6-8 hours with, say, 12-18 friends / relatives / acquaintances with typically copious amounts of alcohol involved is the best idea I’ve ever heard.  If you know me reasonably well then you already know that “filters” aren’t exactly a strong suit of mine and alcohol tends to further reduce filters on a lot of people.  Me less filtered outside of a fairly select group just seems like a recipe for disaster.   I don’t see that as “anti-social”, I think of it more as protecting everyone — me included — from the likelihood of an unhappy ending to that sort of scenario.


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  1. Ha! I actually love tailgating….but don’t usually drink a thing. I prefer true Southern tailgating at it’s best to the games! LOL SC even taught us the high art of true tailgating before our HS games! If I could get a good parking pass without the game tickets….

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