Three Things (for 11/29/13)

I got your thanks … right here 😉

1) I’m thankful that I live in the era of a lot of stuff.  While I don’t much care for a lot of the societal changes that have transpired over the decades, I’m much better suited for this technological era than those ages past.  To each their own, that’s cool by me … but you can have all that outdoors / low-tech / bed-by-dark stuff.  I’ll take 24/7 access to information, computers over yo-yos and dinner out over cooking over the ol’ potbelly.   We could likely work out some tradeoffs I’d be willing to make but since that option hasn’t really been offered to me, at least the proverbial “wonderful toys” allow some relief from the more unpleasant realities.

2) I’m thankful that I’ve somehow ended up with a fair number of creative and talented people in and around my life.  Writers, musicians, photographers, “artists” of various talents.  For someone like me — a guy who  somehow managed to play records off-key, can’t take a picture that isn’t blurry, and scuffles to write passably for an audience more often than not — it’s a pleasure and a privilege to not only enjoy your creativity but also your (cyber) company.

3) I’m thankful that, over the years,  I’ve learned to worry a little less about what the world thinks of me and more about what I think of me.  I don’t mean that to be quite as self-centered as it might sound, I’m just thinking about the reality of how I’m the person that has to wake up with me 365 times a year.  Not my earthly judges, not my critics, not the self-appointed Pastors/Popes/Mullahs/Grand Poobahs.     I have enough trouble dealing with what’s in my own head where I’m concerned — I’m acutely aware of my flaws, thanks — so it seems sort of masochistic to give away space to a mob carrying pitchforks.   The sheer numbers of those in turn make me even more thankful for the friends I’ve been blessed with who bring comfort instead of pain, understanding instead of … well, instead of being self-righteous sanctimonious pricks.

Granted, this isn’t the typical I’m-So-Thankful holiday post … sue me, since when have I been “typical” anything?


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