J3C College Football Top 25 (after Week 14)

Well that ought to heat things up a bit, don’t you think?

What can be said about The Iron Bowl that hasn’t been said already?  From condolences for the Bama kicker(s) to questions about Saban’s judgement (and the rumors about Texas) to the possibility that Auburn is getting divine intervention en route to a season more special than anyone could have dreamed, I’m pretty sure it’s all been covered by somebody somewhere.  What can I really add, other than maybe my own opinion that it’s the second-wildest ending to a college football game ever, behind only the Cal-Stanford band incident.  And this one was exponentially bigger.

Ohio State cut it about as close as you’re going to and still live to tell the tale …  I don’t think South Carolina shouldn’t have been able to do that to Clemson, but they did, leaving record-setting QB Taj Boyd with a real paradox of a legacy … Missouri wins the game but I may have more questions about Johnny Football now than I do about the Tigers …  I think I would have laughed if Oregon State had actually pulled off an upset in The Civil War game … Duke cut it too close for comfort but I’m pretty happy for David Cutcliffe, a great accomplishment no matter how weak the ACC has been in recent years … and apparently losing to UCLA can still cost you a job.  I may not lose any sleep over Crazy Ed being on the unemployment line but that’s a heck of a tough deal for him.

Tennessee managed to avoid the first 8-loss season in school history and with the win over Kentucky managed to avoid the embarassment of officially finishing in last place in the East.  Yikes, talk about baby steps though … and then there’s Good Clean Old Fashioned Hate, which I’ve pretty much covered with my comments on Sunday.  Read that if you want to know how I felt after watching the Jackets blow a twenty point lead over Georgia for the second time in my life.

While the coming weekend could bring some seismic shifts, the last chance for  a lot of teams to move in the poll — or out of the poll entirely — until after the bowls is now complete, so once again I give you my latest Top 25.

1. Florida State (2)
2. Ohio State (3)
3. Auburn (5)
4. Alabama (1)
5. Missouri (6)
6. Oklahoma State (7)
7. South Carolina (11)
8. Stanford (9)
9. Baylor (8)
10. Michigan State (12)
11. Oregon (10)
12. Clemson (4)
13. Oklahoma (15)
14. LSU (14)
15. Arizona State (18)
16. Northern Illinois (20)
17. UCF (16)
18. Louisville (17)
19. UCLA (21)
20. Duke (23)
21. Wisconsin (13)
22. Texas (Un)
23. Texas A&M (19)
24. Cincinnati (25)
25. Fresno State (22)

Dropped Out This Week: USC (24)


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