10 Songs I’m Cranking Up (8/3/14)

Every week I share several playlists of hard rock here on the blog … my Spotify Top 40, my current YouTube playlist, even a Spotify “Back Forty” for those who are really in the know.   Those are determined in various ways which I’ve explained elsewhere here on the blog.

Despite all that, I don’t say much about what I’m actually listening to and enjoying the most. You know, the songs that I immediately crank up whenever they come on Sirius Octane or that I make sure to play when I start building a queue in Spotify or that I sing (badly) randomly as I go about my day.

Sometimes they’re already hits, sometimes they’re hits about to happen, sometimes (sadly) they’re simply awesome tracks that for one reason or another never get a whole lot of attention from the rest of the world.   Some turn out to be favorites for weeks and months on end, others have a shorter shelf life.  In any case, I just thought it would be fun to occasionally forget about charts and singles vs album cuts and anything other than just plain ol’ “what I’m loving right now”.  Of course there’s more songs than just these that I’ll turn up if you try to talk while they’re on but I figure I have to have some sort of limit to how long this post gets.

In no specific order, here are 10 songs that I’m definitely cranking up a lot right now

1000 hp – Godsmack
World On Fire – Slash
Rock Star’s Girlfriend – Pistol Day Parade
Lights Go Out – Fozzy
Borderline – Veer Union
Darker Side Of The Moon – Otherwise
Born This Way – Thousand Foot Krutch
Love Me With Your Top Down – Kix
Talk Shit, Get Shot – Body Count
Dangerous – Shaman’s Harvest


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