J3C College Football Top 25 (after week two)

Another week in the books, a particularly bad one for the B1G.

It wasn’t just the Ohio State loss, the late fade by Michigan State/surge by Oregon, or even the high profile dismantling of unranked Michigan by Notre Dame.  Nebraska, Iowa, even Illinois had issues with lesser competition.  Purdue got downright spanked by a MAC opponent.  For the (former) Big 10, it was a bad week that perhaps only the ACC can relate to in recent memory.

Elsewhere, Oregon certainly took advantage of an opportunity to shine … Virginia Tech did likewise on a smaller scale …  Clemson, Arkansas, Auburn, were just a few of the teams that rolled to big numbers against little teams … Tennessee didn’t play exceptionally well but got a fairly convincing win anyway.  That’s progress … Georgia Tech was unimpressive again but a win is a win I suppose.

With a few more data points now available, let’s see how my Top 25 shakes out this week.

1. Florida State (1)
2. Alabama (2)
3. Oregon (3)
4. Auburn (4)
5. Oklahoma (5)
6. Baylor (8)
7. LSU (10)
8. USC (14)
9. UCLA (7)
10. Georgia (11)
11. Texas A&M (12)
12. Michigan State (6)
13. Arizona State (15)
14. Ole Miss (18)
15. Stanford (9)
16. Notre Dame (20)
17. Missouri (19)
18. Kansas State (16)
19. Nebraska (17)
20. Virginia Tech (Un)
21. Wisconsin (21)
22. Clemson (22)
23. BYU (Un)
24. South Carolina (23)
25. Ohio State (13)

Dropped from this week’s poll: Iowa (23), Oklahoma State (25)


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