J3C College Football Top 25 (after week seven)

No matter what happens the rest of the season, we’ve seen something special this year.

It’s been over thirty years since a team beat three consecutive top ten opponents, it’s only happened five times in college football history.  So, Mississippi State, congratulations on your win over Auburn, you’ve earned all the respect you’re getting.

Elsewhere though … Baylor continues to look awfully hard to beat, shades of Oregon in years past perhaps.  Still, hard not to bear in mind that those Oregon teams found a way to lose when you didn’t think they would … Notre Dame hasn’t lost but at home against a mediocore UNC they managed to look an awful lot like a team that will … Georgia made Missouri look like a team that could lose quite often, or maybe Missouri did that to themselves with almost comically poor preparation … Southern Cal found a way to kick Arizona back into the pack … In Atlanta, Georgia Tech did what Georgia Tech does.  Maybe CPJ will learn that it’s not helpful to trash talk coaches that are simply better at their job than he is at his, but I doubt it since he doesn’t seem to ever learn much of anything.

A new J3C Top 25 for the week, and with it, a hard earned but well deserved new number one.

1. Mississippi State (5)
2. Florida State (1)
3. Baylor (3)
4. Ole Miss (4)
5. Michigan State (6)
6. Notre Dame (7)
7. Auburn (2)
8. Oregon (8)
9. Alabama (9)
10. Georgia (10)
11. Kansas State (12)
12. Oklahoma (14)
13. TCU (13)
14. Oklahoma State (16)
15. Arizona (11)
16. Arizona State (18)
17. Nebraska (21)
18. Stanford (19)
19. East Carolina (23)
20. Ohio State (24)
21. Texas A&M (15)
22. Clemson (22)
23. USC (Un)
24. Duke (Un)
25. Minnesota (Un)

Dropped from this week’s poll:  UCLA (17), Missouri (20), Georgia Tech (25)


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