J3C College Football Top 25 (after week ten)

At some point each season it happens, the contenders are separated from the pretenders.   Whether you’re looking for four teams or two, it almost always works itself out.  This weekend added clarity to the picture.

The gap between a truly great season and a (very) good season is often fairly small, Ole Miss learned that painful lesson on Saturday.  While Auburn rises, one-half the toast of the college football world just a couple of weeks ago suddenly needs several things to break right to even finish third in their own division … Oregon made a statement with their dismantling of Arizona … Mississippi State may have had their close call against an inferior team that’s common with eventual champions, or they may have simply delayed a slide.  Time will tell … Notre Dame made a great argument for being more pretender than contender despite winning …  Florida exposed the SEC Least and put paid to suggestions to the contrary … TCU managed to keep things on track for a showdown against K-State … Georgia Tech beat up a team more easily than expected for a change … and is it possible that Tennessee got the better of The Ol’ Ball Coach for the last time in his storied career?   Spurrier sure seemed every bit of his nearly 70 years of age in a less than one minute post-game press conference.

As always, the focus slowly narrows on the remaining contenders, perfectly timed for a new J3C Top 25 .

1. Mississippi State (1)
2. Florida State (2)
3. Michigan State (3)
4. Auburn (4)
5. Oregon (5)
6. Alabama (7)
7. Kansas State (9)
8. TCU (11)
9. Baylor (12)
10. Notre Dame (10)
11. Arizona State (14)
12. Ole Miss (6)
13. Nebraska (15)
14. Ohio State (16)
15. Oklahoma (17)
16. LSU (18)
17. Georgia (8)
18. UCLA (Un)
19. Arizona (13)
20. Utah (19)
21. Clemson (21)
22. West Virginia (22)
23. Wisconsin (24)
24. Duke (23)
25. Marshall (25)

Dropped from this week’s poll:  East Carolina (20)


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