Hard Rock Daddy Announces New Weekly Feature – MUSIC DISCOVERY MONDAY

Proud to be a part of this new avenue for music discovery. Been looking forward to being able to share this news for a while now.

Hard Rock Daddy

Hard Rock Daddy Music Discovery Monday

Hard rock music has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years, but while the genre has grown, the ability to discover new music has not.  Terrestrial radio is limited (to say the least).  Satellite radio has a broader playlist, but is still relatively limited in the scheme of things.  In an effort to expose hard rock fans around the world to music that is flying below radio’s radar, Hard Rock Daddy is announcing the launch of an exciting new feature called “Music Discovery Monday.”

Music Discovery Monday will make its debut on Hard Rock Daddy on November 10, 2014.  The column will feature a number of songs each week chosen by the HRD team (see profiles below).


Adam Waldman (Publisher, Hard Rock Daddy)

My music obsession began in the mid-70s and peaked in the 80s (the golden age of hard rock and metal).  The arrival of grunge in the…

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