J3C College Football Top 25 (after week twelve)

Well that all makes an interesting mess of things, doesn’t it?

We get a new number one for sure after Alabama jumped all over Mississippi State and then refused to let the Bulldogs get all the way back … FSU continued their comeback magic with a win over Miami, at this point you just start to expect it now …  Is Oregon actually hurt in perception by having a week off while those other two games took place  … How in the world did TCU struggle that much against an awful Kansas team, but they at least managed to fare better than Arizona State who totally blew their season with a loss to a not really good Oregon State … A week after what I considered a very bad loss, Auburn played completely dead on the road and gave new life to UGA’s season just two weeks after they themselves looked utterly dead in the water … Ohio State did just enough on the road to keep themselves in the national conversation … LSU lays an egg, Notre Dame does likewise, as does Clemson who is simply two different teams with or without their freshman quarterback.  Much to the delight of Georgia Tech I must say … And then there’s trying to figure out what to make of Missouri, Utah, Wisconsin, Nebraska and several others in the second (or third) tier of the big picture.  It’s enough to give a pollster a headache.

Records, schedules, opponents, the ever important eyeball test, it all goes into sorting out this week’s J3C Top 25 .

1. Florida State (2)
2. Oregon (3)
3. Alabama (6)
4. Baylor (5)
5. Mississippi State (1)
6. TCU (4)
7. Ohio State (8)
8. Michigan State (10)
9. UCLA (15)
10. Ole Miss (13)
11. Georgia (14)
12. Kansas State (11)
13. Arizona (16)
14. Arizona State (7)
15. Wisconsin (20)
16. Georgia Tech (22)
17. Nebraska (9)
18. Auburn (12)
19. Marshall (25)
20. Missouri (Un)
21. Oklahoma (23)
22. Utah (Un)
23. Colorado State (Un)
24. USC (Un)
25. Duke (21)

Dropped from this week’s poll:  Notre Dame (17), LSU (18), Clemson (19), Louisville (24)

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