J3C College Football Top 25 (after week thirteen)

Resting up for rivalry week.  Okay, maybe not every ranked team had that situation but quite a few of them did.

With FSU there’s apparently no such thing as a D1 opponent they can rest against, yet somehow they keep surviving … Bama and Georgia stepped down a division for opponents, Oregon and Mississippi State might as well have … UCLA got the jump on rivalry week, and their rivals, but it didn’t matter much for their ranking … Arizona had a strong final quarter to put an exclamation point on their win over Utah … Wisconsin and Missouri did just enough … Minnesota & Louisville helped sort out the bottom of the pecking order … Duke laid a rather large egg on Thursday night and handed Georgia Tech an unlikely division title so, you know, thanks for that …Otherwise, a largely meh weekend of college football, although I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Virginia Tech and Wake Forest’s combined effort to set college offenses back about two generations.

As always, there’s a new J3C Top 25  for the week, just not a lot of changes in the spots that really matter most.

1. Florida State (1)
2. Oregon (2)
3. Alabama (3)
4. Baylor (4)
5. Mississippi State (5)
6. TCU (6)
7. Ohio State (7)
8. Michigan State (8)
9. UCLA (9)
10. Georgia (11)
11. Kansas State (12)
12. Arizona (13)
13. Arizona State (14)
14. Wisconsin (15)
15. Georgia Tech (16)
16. Auburn (18)
17. Oklahoma (21)
18. Missouri (20)
19. Marshall (19)
20. Ole Miss (10)
21. Colorado State (23)
22. Louisville (Un)
23. Clemson (Un)
24. Minnesota (Un)
25. Nebraska (17)

Dropped from this week’s poll:  Utah (22), USC (24), Duke (25)


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