J3C College Football Top 25 (after week fourteen)

What’s The Good Word?

Sorry, there really just isn’t another way to open this week’s entry.

While Good was busy triumphing — in most improbable fashion — over Evil a few miles from my door, there was no shortage of games that had more impact on the national picture, starting with FSU yet again testing the limits of how much to spot an opponent before coming away with yet another win.  The “D”  Word (as in Destiny) is getting kind of hard to avoid … Oregon did Oregon things … Alabama does it a little differently than FSU, more of a “flip the switch” feel than a “magical escape” vibe.   But when they flip the switch is sure can be something to see …. Baylor, did you really cut things that close?  How? … Ole Miss had one thing left to play for: ruining Mississippi State’s season, and that’s exactly what they did … Ohio State’s luck goes from awful to even worse, now looking to be on their third quarterback of the year … Arizona vs Arizona State was as close as I expected it to be … UCLA decided to join Miss State as the team to soil their proverbial sheets this week … Missouri got their business handled, finally, sooner than most teams … Colorado State and Marshall apparently decided that the pressure of a big bowl payout was more than they wanted to deal with, leaving Boise State to handle the burden yet again … And Tennessee has more trouble than they should have had against woeful Vanderbilt but managed to get themselves bowl eligible for the first time since 2010.  That, at least, is some sign of progress.  And more importantly for the very young team, it’s worth three extra weeks of practice together.

With little left before the bowls and that playoff thing, I’ll set aside the tumultuous celebration caused by “The Kick and The Pick” and  turn my attention to a new J3C Top 25  for the week.

1. Florida State (1)
2. Oregon (2)
3. Alabama (3)
4. TCU (6)
5. Baylor (4)
6. Ohio State (7)
7. Michigan State (8)
8. Arizona (12)
9. Kansas State (11)
10. Mississippi State (5)
11. Wisconsin (14)
12. Georgia Tech (15)
13. Oklahoma (17)
14. Missouri (18)
15. Ole Miss (20)
16. Georgia (10)
17. UCLA (9)
18. Arizona State (13)
19. Clemson (23)
20. Auburn (16)
21. Louisville (22)
22. Boise State (Un)
23. LSU (Un)
24. Nebraska (25)
25. Utah (Un)

Dropped from this week’s poll:  Marshall (19), Colorado State (21), Minnesota (24)


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