Three Things (for Feb 13,2015)

Just three of the various random things bouncing around my brain at the moment.  Enjoy 🙂

1) Friday the 13th?   Never really bothered me.  Fairly early in life I decided — based on whatever justification I must have come up with at the time — that since I was born on the 13th of a month that the supposed bad luck would not apply to me.  Instead, if anything, I tend to embrace things related to the number 13 as good luck.  Maybe I have anti-triskadekaphobia or something.

2) Once again I find myself considering having new business cards printed with a job title that describes what seems to be my most common function:   Virginity Restoration Technician
I spend so much of my time trying to un …. well, I have kind of a PG audience here at times so let’s say that I spend a lot of energy “unscrewing” things other people somehow managed to screw up.  At some point I figure I’ll eventually rise to Virginity Restoration Specialist … but I’d really rather not have to specialize in it.

3) I really wish I had come up with a more consistent way to generate revenue out of things I’m good at.  Or even {gasp} that I actually enjoy some aspect of.  I don’t actually bitch about that failure all that often (IMO), I usually lean more toward the idea that if it was fun then they wouldn’t have to pay you to do it.  In fact, I usually consider myself rather lucky to have ever experienced being paid for something I liked, and while it eventually faded for me there really was a fair bit of my years in radio where I genuinely enjoyed doing it.     That said, today I had one of those little moments with a hobby where I knew that I was really good at something … I just don’t see any realistic way to get paid for it in any reasonable way.   Most of the time that doesn’t bug me, today it kinda did.


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