Three Things (for May 2, 2015)

You know how this works, well, WHEN it works anyhow.   Three quick takes on whatever happens to be on my mind.   Been a while but let’s just skip the jokes about my mind being a blank, m’kay?

1) My 17 year old used the phrase “over it” when describing one of his peers & the situation with an extracurricular activity.  That simple throwaway line sparked what I fear could be an unfortunate epiphany for me, as I quickly inventoried all the different things my child could say that about.  Things that he’s simply just “over”.   His generation seems to be involved in a million different things from an early age– sometimes by choice, sometimes by the need to fill in all those checkboxes for college applications — but I now wonder whether the unintended consequence of all that activity & exposure will be a generation that by their mid-20s or so is simply pretty much “over it” with virtually everything.  If that’s the case, what the heck are they going to do then?  One of the more disturbing thoughts I’ve had about the future really, even if I may not be around to see all of it, I really hate to think about the majority of a generation feeling like they’re 40something by the time they’re just 20something.

2) My vision really isn’t that bad, at least by the standards of people who really do have major vision problems.  That said, it CANNOT be a good sign that I found myself having trouble figuring out which pair (regular lenses or bifocals) was which as I tried to grab them to go out the door last night … and realized that I needed to have glasses on to easily tell them apart.   So that’s what it’s come to:  I need glasses to be able to figure out which pair of glasses I’m trying to put on.   No, that can’t be a good sign.

3) From time to time it becomes necessary to dispatch certain people from my cyber-life.  It’s not something I do that often, not something that I enjoy doing, but what struck me again this weekend is how consistently it’s turned out to be a good call when I finally do it.  Never once has it been a spur of the moment thing, it’s always been something that I’d found myself on the verge of doing repeatedly before it actually happened, and not once to date have I ever looked back and regretted it.  It sort of suggests that maybe I should pay more attention to my instincts a little sooner.


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