Angry musical rant

Musical mini-rant time, just go around if you ain’t interested, I’m not blocking the aisle:    Having Dreck (aka Beck) infect the Active Rock airplay chart this week is bad enough but to look & see 4 allegedly Active Rock stations add another ^%#%$ Zac Brown Band song instead of playing AN ACTUAL ACTIVE ROCK SONG …. GAHHHH !

I wouldn’t object to the song (“Junkyard”) being added to a middle of the road mainstream rock station.  It’s as rock as,say, recent Eric Clapton or Joe Walsh material (although it’s more reminiscent of a recent hit for rap-rocker Yelawolf than either).

But to play this decidedly not hard/active rock song is a slap in the face of literally hundreds of hard working bands — old and new — that DO know how to rock, that aren’t afraid to rock, that actually have expend some energy and most of all that would actually benefit from the exposure and are willing to commit to BEING a rock band.

Never once have I heard an actual fan of hard/active rock say “ooh, I just gotta hear that new Zac Brown song again” and yet the milquetoast frustrated alternative programmers who’ve politicked (or worse) their way into jobs that should go to people who are neither ashamed or afraid of {gasp} actual ROCK shoved the last boring release down everybody’s throats because they wanted to revisit the 90s with his guest vocalist.  Newsflash assholes:  the 90s SUCKED and damned near killed rock past the point of being necromanced.  Now there’s a legion of bands that have the talent, have the balls, have everything it takes to be a fully legit rock band … and you won’t play them because you’re too busy trying to kill the format entirely by playing anything & everything BUT a rock song.

Roughly 1/3rd of the current chart – concentrated mostly in the upper half of the chart at that — are bland (at best) tracks borrowed from the Alternative chart.  Any ROCK programmer playing a @%^#^ Mumford & Sons song ought to be cleaning out his desk before the song stops spinning.   And the same goes for several dozen other whatever-they-are-they-aren’t-rock songs that have been inflicted on audiences for the past few years.

Let’s get something straight here:  I’m not mad at Zac Brown, this isn’t a mess of his making,he’s just doing his thing and that’s cool.    Hell, I’m not mad at Daddy Mumford nor any of his kids.  Go, do what you do, God bless.    The decision makers who can’t figure out that these are not active rock songs, however, there isn’t a corner of hell hot enough for them as far as I’m concerned.  The evidence is becoming overwhelming that they are actively TRYING to kill an entire format, by watering it down to the lowest common denominators, to the weakest sauce possible.  As a fan, one that has already endured one wasted decade that left me pretty much musically orphaned, I take that attempted homicide really personally.


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  1. AW

    AMEN! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

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