J3C College Football Top 25 (after Week 6 )

Who’s number one?  Could the actual answer be … nobody?

One of the more perplexing seasons I can recall continued this weekend, without a lot of upsets at the top but also continuing to lack in terms of particularly impressive performances either.   Ohio State continues to have long stretches of what is either cruise control OR hints of vulnerability.  But which is it? … Baylor keeps rolling right along, but has their arena ball style actually faced an actual threat yet?  Who knows? … Is this edition of the Clemson Tigers truly different from its predecessors?   Is Utah for real, or is the rest of the Pac-10 simply not quite what a lot of people thought?   And will we really ever be sure of the answer to that question before bowl season? …
Closer to home I’m as bewildered as anyone how Georgia managed to blow a 21 point lead and lose in Knoxville … After getting destroyed by Clemson on Saturday Georgia Tech is now mired in their longest losing streak since 1996, their worst start in the ACC since 1994.  With injuries piling up there may not be a lot of relief in sight either.  For once I agree with Paul Johnson, “inept” is a pretty good description of this team … On a positive note, a tip of the cap to Big Ten Freshman of the Week Shannon Brooks, the Minnesota running back is very quickly solidifying his claim to being the most successful athlete in the history of my high school alma mater.

As much as ever I’m almost tempted to vacate the top spot and leave it blank but I suppose that doesn’t really work so I’ll stick with my best shot for the latest JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25 (last week’s ranking follows their name)

1.  Ohio State (1)
2. Baylor (3)
3. LSU (5)
4. Clemson (6)
5. Michigan State (2)
6. TCU (4)
7. Florida State (7)
8. Utah (9)
9. Alabama (8)
10. Texas A&M (10)
11. Stanford (13)
12. Florida (15)
13. Notre Dame (16)
14. Ole Miss (17)
15. Michigan (18)
16. UCLA (19)
17. Oklahoma State (20)
18. Iowa (23)
19. Oklahoma (11)
20. Northwestern (12)
21. Houston (Un)
22. California (22)
23. Boise State (Un)
24. Duke (25)
25. Arizona State (25)

Dropped out: USC (14), Georgia (21)


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